In A Floral Playsuit.

'every flower is a soul blossoming in nature'
~Gerard De Nerval~

As promised, here is the blog post full of the photo's taken from our mini day out (Outfit Photos). Tehehe, I guess it's official now, I have a photographer and his right at my finger tips when I need him. Heyyy Luke *waves*.

So, I have been in a totally hottsie mood for floral patterns. And yes, I am not shy to say I am a girly girl. But hold up !!! 
Floral patterns can have an edge and that all depends on how you style it.
Think about it, there's so many different ways to style a piece of clothing especially a piece to suit yourself. There is no 'Full Stop' on how someone should or should wear something.
An example is the basic squared scarf. You could wear it on your head or as a little wrap around (depends on how big it is) or as a tank top... OPTIONS !!!

Okay, so I guess this might not be what you would expect, to be colourful and bright especially for Summer. However, again because of the flowers it has a sense of representing the season. Personally I think, in every season there will be a time for a black piece of clothing. Think about it, it goes with everything/stay safe colour.

I never used to be comfortable with rocking anything that was based on shorts or playsuits. I mean even when I did "try", I felt like everyone was continuously staring because of my body shape or maybe I was showing too much. However, you shouldn't be ashamed for who you are and how you were built, some people are naturally on the plus size or on the more lean size but that again, should stop you from feeling ashamed.

Be Daring,
Be Confident
Be Yourself
Only then will you know that something suits YOU.

Would you rock our floral patterns no matter what season it is?

Jumpsuit ~ New Look
Stockings ~ Primark
(You can literally find them anywhere)
Boots ~ Top Shop
Sun Glasses ~ H&M
Orange Lip Colour ~ Primark
 (would you believe it's a eye shadow stick?)
Carnaby Street
South Kensington

Stay blessed, Stay Wonderful and Stay Happy
Lots of kisses & Hugs

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