In the footsteps of a Londoner

The world is your playground. You have a chance to become anything you want. All you need is to walk out your doorstep and become as curious as the cat on the wall.

In the bustling streets of London, there's not really a place where you can't find a good spot to take a good photo or at least explore.
London is always spicing up with new adventures or even old adventures that maybe occurred year's ago. Which is why, I question myself when I say "There's nothing to do today!".
  With such a busy city, there's usually different modes of transport from tubes to buses to little bicycle coaches. So there's no way in this world for an excuse to occur.
So with today's adventure Luke and I decided to meet up at Victoria Train station and take the 73 bus to Oxford Street. Simple.
It's such a well known street full of shops ranging from up market to regular high street shops for example your Selfridges to Primark.
Now, what I didn't know previously is there's more beyond Oxford Street. You'll just need a mind full of curiosity. 
'Curiosity killed the cat'.
I've always heard of Carnaby Street and Liberty London but never knew where to find it. So out came Google Maps. Thankfully most of these roads are connected and everywhere is literally a five minute walk away. So for my little heeled booties, this wasn't so bad.

Now, within Carnaby Street and it's colourful buildings there's mini streets in which you could snap a few good picks instead of being in the centre! Sometimes, It can be a little embarrassing being the centre of attention so if you're not one for it, that's okay.

Just before heading away from Carnaby street, we had to visit one of the restaurants. Of course, Asian food being my favourite dish, especially Japanese food, we had to stop of and fill our bellies up.
As stated before, London is connected together, meaning you can't get lost. I'm being totally serious here! Make sure to look at bus signs and where they are heading to.  Another option is a tube station if that's easier to get to where you want to get.

Next Stop
South Kensington
 Natural History Museum.
If you're looking for something free to do and you love nature this is defiantly a museum to head to. I bet you love dinosaurs unlike me. Literally there was one which nearly  made all my hairs fall off my skin because of it's sudden movement !!!
Now, the only thing is, because it's free, the cues may seem everlasting, although just some patience and maybe someone to keep you company will do the trick of making it seem like you waiting for literally a second. Also my advice is to go just about 2 hours before it closes or even earlier when it opens.

Okay, so my favourite birds are Dodo birds, just to add it in there. I'm so sad that they are extinct and if I was a professor I would somehow bring them back to life. I think Ice Age made me love them, question is, were they really dopey?
The good thing that I must comment about is also, despite the museum being free (with donations being accepted) they still give it a very good experience for everyone. For example, the museum being interactive and entertaining especially for children as well as wheelchair user friendly.
I did notice there was a popular part for example the Kobe store where you could experience a bit of the earthquake.
South Kensington is also full of places in which, if you're a blogger especially fashion blogger, you would know by now the roads. Due to the pure white and black monochrome colours the terraced houses gives and of course the bold coloured doors, it upholds a great backdrop for photos. Thank you Maria for telling me about these areas.
  Just wait and see for yourself.
What would your day in London be like???
Look out for the outfit snaps we managed to get in my next Blog Post.
Oxford Street
Carnaby Street
South Kensington
Natural History Museum
Stay blessed and Stay Happy
Lots of kisses and hugs


  1. Loved this! keep up the fab posts girl x

    1. Thank you so much. Yayyy, a comment has finally arrived !!! Tehehehe. I will continue, don't worry, I think I have a good momentum going on here.



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