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'My theory in anything you do is to keep exploring, keep digging deeper to find new stuff.'
 ~Blythe Danner~

Hello wonderful readers.
Welcome back to this side of the world, where you are about to get lost in translation... Alright, I'm only kidding.
Hope everyone's week has been splendid ! For those in The States, I hope you all have/had a wonderful 4th of July.

I've have been getting so fascinated with museums recently. I have always misinterpreted them, thinking only the elderly and mostly tourists visit them. However, I was so wrong. People like me, people who live in London also visit them.
Following last weeks visit to The Natural History Museum, I ended up writing down the V&A (Victoria and Albert) Museum on my bucket list. It was just across the road from there.

This time, I took the journey with Soyoung, since we are both fascinated with museums and of course travelling.

For those who are unsure of the location, It is located one bus ride away from Victoria Train Station (the C1) towards South Kensington. Or another option is the Tube. Options !

Victoria & Albert Museum

First impressions were "This is a very large museum !"
Seriously, you can easily get lost in this maze. However, that's the fun about museums, you should get lost and lost in all the extraordinary exhibits it has to offer.

For example, there is a section just as you enter on your right hand side, where it is based on Rome. I felt like I was in Rome (not that I've been there before...JUST YET). If the roof was off then definitely you could fool someone and say you're on holiday in Italy! ;)

I'm so amazed with the amount of Variety it has on show for example the history of fashion. And I must say, I am so in love with the evening gowns from the early 1900's as well as the Kimono's from Japan.

Hey, the lighting is pretty good in the museum, so of course if you're a fashion blogger, well here's a place to consider. However, just remember it's a museum and of course there's many people who visit the museum.

If you finally figure out your bearings, which took us both a while, a very good place to visit is the garden situated within the museum. Summer time is even better with the oval shaped pond in the centre.

Situated across is the Café. Oh my goodness. Can I just say, this is a very elegant and very unreal place. Well it's because I usually see quite higher class people dinning in fine cafe's and restaurants like this one. Mostly in the movies. Everything from the interior to the food was so well presented. To top it off, there was a grand piano with a live musician. Oh and the chandeliers. Can you just see I was just so ecstatic with the place. Thank you Soyoung for showing me this place, or else I don't think I would have set foot inside there.

Hyde Park

Who ever thought from South Kensington, Hyde Park would only be  10-15 minute walk away.
This was quite different for me, as I had never been on the other side of Hyde Park. Usually I enter Hyde Park near Hyde Park Corner tube station.
I never knew there was a memorial ground there for the late Princess Diana.
I felt it was more peaceful than the more popular grounds of Hyde Park.

However, you could still make it there by just walking beside the river until you see a path where you can walk to the other side.
Tehehe, Hyde Park is literally one of my go to area's in London. That is something I won't lie about!

Once again, thank you Soyoung for the lovely day out. Tehehe, I also got to learn some Korean too.
Do you get lost in museums ?
South Kensington Victoria & Albert Museum
Hyde Park
P.S in this video you'll see a few of my travels including this day. The V&A museum. Enjoy !

Stay Blessed, Stay Happy and Wonderful.
Lots of kisses and Hugs

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