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Hello wonderful readers. How is you summer going ? Welcome back to another episode of  'ZIMZYGIRL DIARIES'. I guess I've been really into travelling and exploring different places.
So in this episode, I'd like to introduce you to Longleat Safari Park and #TravelBuddy Luke.
Ahahaha, July was a wonderful time, Luke (#TravelBuddy) and I have finally made it to 1 year. And close to that date is his birthday. So of course I wanted to surprise him with a not so small of a gift.
Ahahaha I consider going to a Safari a big present. I mean you can exactly hold it in your hands therefore its a big gift.
 Longleat Safari Park- Warminster
 Alrighty, so I booked the tickets the night before. Pretty last minute. That's my character I guess and will always be embedded in me.
The ticket prices are relatively reasonable , except I will always prefer Woburn Safari and it's great VIP exclusive packages they do for such great prices.
The drive was not too long considering we were coming from Bournemouth instead of London.
I can tell you the roads reminded me so much of Zims of and the views on the hills...Breath-taking
With the tickets I got, it included a visit to the Longleat House and of course Longleat Safari including the part where you can walk.
Considering the day being a Monday, it was actually pretty busy, but of course it's the Summer holidays. Imagine a Saturday and Sunday then.
I actually quite enjoyed the layout of the whole day. There was a lovely lake in which you could which we didn't bring a picnic and enjoy the view by the lake. From there you can see Longleat house and a large car park further ahead.
Thank goodness there was parking space further ahead but the speed humps were pretty harsh...
Longleat House
It was such a good idea to include house viewing. Almost like a museum experience. The only thing is we couldn't take pictures inside and most of the things, you couldn't touch. Unlike the V&A. However, there are still residents living in there, so I do understand.
Longleat Playground
This place is actually a playground. Full of entertainment especially for the family. Entertainment includes live music and even rides. I would suggest you know the times of the rides so you can get there early.
Longleat Interactions
 I did enjoy the experience of walking into the habitat of some of these wonderful creatures. For example the Meerkats !!! They are so adorable. Literally !!!
Another one of my favourite experiences was feeding the birds which you get a little cup and they come flying to you. Make sure you don't poke them !
Longleat Facing Fears 
 Wow did I face my fears. Why Luke Why ?
I had to hold a tarantula. I'm close to being petrified by spiders (and bees/wasps). Now imagine, a hairy 8 legged beastly looking tarantula...
It was all calm and dandy.
By the way do you like the little accessory I got going on?
  Longleat Safari Drive
Now on from the Playground, about a 1 mile drive is the Safari Drive. This is where the last but not least adventure took place. We received a CD which was an audio of what we were viewing through our drive. Quite useful especially if it's your first time at the Safari.
The most popular part drive through is Monkey Drive. This is where you experience monkeys on your car. It wasn't the first, but it was the first time where one took a little rubber part off my car. So if you do visit, just be prepared for your aerial being taken off your car. 
I guess speaking on behalf of my Travel Buddy, our favourite part was with the Lions. Wow, they are actually big, The females, wow, I don't think I would like to be it's dinner. (#KeepYourWindowsClosed).
With that being said, it was such a wonderful day out and I guess it reminded me so much of Zims but of course that's where the real deal is.
I also enjoyed being able to let my travel buddy experience a Safari for the first time.
Happiness is all we would like to see right?
What would be your favourite drive through section ???
Longleat Safari Park
Lots of kisses and hugs
 Look out for a mini lookbook coming through.

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