A Different Perspective

It's not often I go out and take photos of nature or even people
I'm usually the one in front, willing to take the fame.
However, seeing through the viewfinder has allowed me to see through the eyes of the camera operators perceptive.
It's always a second perceptive that gives you a better picture of what you're after.


 Allow yourself to be nourished with others idea's.
Never be afraid to accept their opinion.
Though you may have decided to go with your initial plan, at least you have shown some appreciation to those who offer more to your plate.

Think of it like this...

You, are the writer, the creator and the one most likely in front of the camera. However, sometimes with so much tasks at hand, you may loose a bit of that touch which would make your overall product something to be proud of. You want to reach out to a bigger audience and yet your mind is just trying to research for something worthy. That is why you should allow your self to share with others your ideas and theirs. Together, with yours and their input you are more likely to achieve something more. It won't be 1D it will be more of a 2D or better still 3D look which is a better picture right ?

I feel that from that day, through looking through that viewfinder, I want to explore more, especially culture through the viewfinder and record what I see.

Culture is definitely one of my main topics as well as fashion and travel.
Continue to follow me through this journey on my blog and I look forward to seeing you in my next post.

Somewhere in the Suburbs of London

Nikon D3200
Lens Nikon DX 18-55mm

Lots of kisses and Hugs


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