Introducing a Girl of Colour.

~Born September 19th in the city of Harare.~ 

So as most of you know I identify myself as being a girl of colour. 
I represent roughly 46% of people in this world who are of colour. (That's what I think)
I spent 8 years in Zimbabwe(formerly Southern Rhodesia).
It has always been an interest to me, to know that I have come from a mixture of backgrounds and like to think of myself as a fruit bowl.

For some strange reason, living in this time has somehow seem to me as a reflection of the past. 
Some of us are trying to figure out our identity and yet we are who we are. There's no way we can change that. Our skin colour is of DNA from our parents and their parents and goes back to our ansestors. 

This world is moving forward. Slowly.
There are more people in the 21st century who are of a mixed background. This is what I love to see.
Allowing this to happen allows me to know that I can walk out the door step at ease. Knowing that people won't look at me funny or call me something I am not.
Back then that was not the case, many of which, people of a certain minority would talk in disguise and mummer cruel intentions and worst of all say it in front of your face.

For me I know,  Coloureds come in a whole range of different skin tones. From the darkest shade to the lightest. We may have straight hair we may have slightly tighter curls. But we are still beautiful.

One point in my school life, where I was called quarter cast I didn't know what it was until I researched. I denied it but I didn't want to explain the whole background and how I came to be this skin tone. Most of us, and I have met many of which say that they now just let people assume they are a certain background. I could not think of a way to defend myself. Both my parents are of mixed background and so are my grandparents and so forth. I however couldn't explain or just say I am a coloured as i was told it is not a word to use especially here. 
Southern Africa use the word 'coloured' to identify the mixed race. It is a word in which they are proud to use. However, in some parts of the world such as Europe and America, it is deemed politically incorrect to use the term coloured. 

Now I am slightly more mature, I want to explore more into this topic. I love culture and will always mention it. Culture is what keeps me wanting more from this world. It is so amazing that even though we are mostly all the same physically: two hands a pair of eyes and feet to walk with. Yes we are all equal in terms of we are all human beings yet, we still look different and the person beside me on the train is not another copy of me. 

Now drawing back to a girl of colour. It may be slightly different with us. Known especially as a 'coloured' in Southern Africa that is how we represent ourselves as. Back when it was Southern Rhodesia for example, coloureds had their own segregated schools and areas of residents. So did the whites and so did the blacks. Now it is more forward where we are all integrating and sharing the same teacher no matter what colour we are.

But let's not forget that we are people of colour and
no one can say we belong to one group or another. We share everything and there is no way for segregating to happen anymore. It's more about mixing together... like a fruit bowl. Obviously some peoples opinions may be a little different and may want to continue the same line for the next generation to the next but remember to have a balanced mind set and know that others around may be doing something different.

To conclude, I will never forget the place in which i was introduced in this world to. I will never forget that I come from a place in which I was represented to a community of people like me. Seeking to find a place in this world. 
I want to let you know that, we are like you (yes, you reader) , we love to communicate with others share stories and just make each other laugh and we have feelings too. That is what a community is like and that is why I am proud to be a girl of colour. I am proud to be Zimbabwean and proud to be African.

Cropped Sleeved Top ~ Forever 21
Skirt ~ Random Boutique
Necklace ~ Moms Jewellery Draw
Earrings ~ Moms Jewellery Draw

Nikon D3200
Lens Nikon DX 18-55mm

Lots of kisses and Hugs



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