How to create basic Bantu/Zulu Knots on short hair

Im so excited to get back into the style of creating and styling again. We're taking it way back when, bantu knots also known as Zulu knots were the style worn in Southern Africa. 

Now, with the 90s vibes on the trend spot and bantu knots being worn with the likes of Rihanna. I guess its only fair to say, why not give it a go !

I have created a Step by step on how to achieve the perfect Bantu knots/Zulu Knots.
It can be worn as a protective hair style and keeps ends away from the cold. Results after wearing this style is also a plus !

With all hair you want to detangle first. Section hair into four parts and work with one section at a time first

 I suggest using water in a spray bottle to help loosen the knots with your favourite hair oil to lock in the nutrients. 

Using a comb, create the shape you want for you bantu knot. You have a choice here. Choose the amount of knots you want. Remember if you want to add extensions to form your bun then keep it to a smaller number.

Twist & Twirl
There are a few ways to create the bun, but in this case use the twist method. Use a sleek brush first to smooth down the hair. Grab the first section and twist the hair. It doesn't matter about the direction of the twist. 
Twirl the hair into a bun form and you can secure it with a small hair band. (If you wish to do so)

Finish Touch
Slick those edges for more of a finished look. Water,gel and a tooth brush is all you need.
Use the tooth brush to create the shape to your edges. 

Extra Tips

  • If you feel that your hair may not be long enough or the buns are not thick enough, you can always add.
Use extensions which blend into your hair or if you're more up to a change, use different colour extensions.

  • Wrap your edges with a silk cloth for 20 minutes to allow a longer lasting look.

 Hope you enjoyed this little blog post and hopefully you enjoyed creating this look as much as I did. 

Anyone a 90's baby here ???

Have a wonderful, blessed day. 
Lots of kisses and hugs 


  1. Bantu knots on point and I love your gallery wall!

    1. Thank you so much for checking it out !!! Have a wonderful dayxXx



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