How to share our Culture

ideas,customs,and art of a particular society
~Collins English Dictionary~

We all have a sense of understanding of the word culture. Even if its just the definition from an online dictionary or word of mouth. However, this word can be broken into much more of an in-depth  understand.

I'm writing this blog post because, I feel I'm not the only one that wants to know about other cultures as well as my own. Whether you're from Africa, Europe, North/South America, Asia, Australia/Oceania or Antartica all have something in which defines you and your culture. 

Some of us move to a different country or maybe city. We then get easily lost in what we consider our cultural backgrounds, the things that define us and make us stand out from the crowd. We get easily influenced that other cultures are more interesting than our own and therefore push ours away for a while.

"Culture is Creativity." 

For that not to happen, there's always a way. We can understand what we consider culture.  A purpose to be shown, told, consumed and created. 

  • Communicate with your culture. Only when you understand what your culture is about, you'll then start to feel a connection with it. And a Connection with others.

  • Unite with others who you know share the same culture background as you. Im sure you can find people who are from the same culture. I know we live in a world where there is so much of a mixture. That I can say, is the best thing to happen. Those who feel lost, unite with them and assure them that they are not alone seeking to find out more about their culture.

  • Love. Love the people, the food, the music and the clothes. Love is so special. Especially to define the word culture. Instagram is full of feed which can be so colourful. Follow the pages which represent your culture with pictures. Imagine you already have stuff to show as well as speak to your friends about what your culture is all about.

Try and be creative.If you enjoy painting, paint something that reminds you of your culture. Imagine you paint food ahahaha and put it up on your wall surely you'll get hungry by starring at it. I would. Remember Culture is Creativity.

  • Untie all the things that are holding you back from making you feel free to talk more of your culture. Untie all thoughts in your head; thinking people are holding you back from discussing something so dear to you. Untie all the shyness you have. It doesn't have to be straight away but gradually. Surely its better to speak it all out than keep things hidden inside us.
  • Everlasting. Remember the memories that link you with your culture they are more everlasting. Your hair may turn grey or the river may stop flowing but your culture will always be everlasting. You'll visit or move on to new places and experience new cultures. You will even meet people who really question your culture. But remember your culture will always be ever lasting. 

Lastly remember that, you don't have to force yourself to please someone. You don't have to show off. You can just ease into the conversation. I have met so much people who have similar culture practises as me, be it, the food, spices they use or even the way they address their family. It's such an amazing thing to have, to carry and practise. You can even share with others, the food, the language, the art the music, the clothes and mostly the people. 

Even if we are living in the 21st century. If you have or want kids remember to share with them what you have grown up on. Share with them so they too may continue to grow and practise. Besides you won't be alone be it in the middle of nowhere with them.

Have a wonderful, blessed day everyone. Discovering Yourself more with your Culture.

Lots of kisses and hugs 

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