Top 5 October Favourites

October, the month in which transitions us into performers. Perform to make the year feel like its been worth it !
Welcome to the month of November. For some, winter is almost upon us...
For others,well the summer rays must be flowing in seamlessly. Must be giving you those summer vibes (lucky).

Recently, I have noticed, I've been in  love relationship with a few clothes and products oh and lets not forget music and what I'm watching. Ahahah. I think, its best I fill you all in on what exactly I've been enjoying.  Hopefully, if anything you would try or have tried it to. Let me know in the comments below.

Alright, so earlier in the month, I was a little relaxed especially when student loan dropped in. So Zimzygirl did a little bit of cloth shopping. I needed to, besides, i had thought I packed everything but judging my closet it was empty !
Of course, I made sure to shop on the sale section and onto of that Forever 21 was included on Student Discount. So I couldn't resist the temptation. 
One of my favourite buys, has to be the Hello Kitty sweater. So comfy and just fits in to the casual uni girl look. Or because Hello Kitty is so kawaii, I can most defy create a cuter look. Yes of course its black but I can tell you it goes with so much ! Sorry Brittany, I guess I'm keeping it ! Available in Blue and Black.

New Look Trainers

So this is defiantly something which I will always practically where everyday be it driving, walking or just clubbing. They may not be branded, but they are defy cheap & comfy. At first, I must say, I struggled 'breaking' into them. A blister here and there, and after about two wears with a break in between they became more fitted. I guess thats the case with a lot of shoes. 
You can most defiantly style these with anything you want. Good thing is that the clubs here allow trainer. So uni students ! Take note ! Cheap & Simple does the job !

Ahhh, so starting uni, I have learnt that I press the snooze button almost three times in a row. So make-up time is obviously taken away. I try my best to go for the minimal look and so my favourite beauty product to achieve this is my eyebrow pencil. Come on, eyebrows deffo contributes to putting the whole end product together even if its just that and mascara!

Music wise, I really jump from music to music so that includes genre to genre.

I guess I've headed back to one of my favourite rappers Nicki Minaj especially some of her ballads. 

New song from Davido ft. Tinashe. I'm not going to lie, I didn't know about him previously but no, well because of the feature with Tinashe, I've discovered a new afrobeat artist !

I'm in love with SA house music especially for those one in a blue moon Zim parties i head to ! We do love our SA house music and of course the oldies including Brenda Fassie and Zimbabwean oldies Mr Oliver M ! But this remix is deffo a mention. 

Japanese Live-Action Movie - 'Parasite'

So for most of you, you may not know that I'm so interested in the Japanese scene, including culture and of course dramas. So this time I took a step away from my usual Rom-Coms and decided on a Horror. I saw one that seemed to have caught my eye. 'Parasite', however it said it was a thriller instead. I decided to take a chance and boom, the opening, really made it for me. It was in a way, amusing because of the opening scene. From then on, I grew into liking this multi-genre as i understood the characters more. Towards the end, the friendship that was formed, really didn't want me to see the end of this film. 7.8 for this film ! I strongly recommend it, especially if you're looking something out of your comfort zone.
 However, if you're more attached to anime, there is the anime version, which if I'm correct was the first one to come out before the live-action.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and maybe discovered some things to try. Let me know if anything on this list sounds familiar to you.

Have a wonderful, blessed and amazing day
Lots of kisses and Hugs

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