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So since I'm a bit on the mindset of doing blogmas and not. So in other words, half and half. Here's another blog post to you all. I thought maybe this would be a good excuse to have this haul up. Most of you will be shopping for Christmas presents or just for yourself, because you obviously deserve it.

I hardly go out shopping, and especially for make up (especially living that student life). But seriously, if you see my make up draw, you would well in truly agree I need new makeup. Plus the make up I have is either finished and from years ago. This is a BIG NO NO NO for your skin. (more on that topic later).

First time walking into this makeup store, let alone purchasing the makeup.

This is one of their new Foundations which I would say feels so much like a satin feel when applied alone. This is for those who are after a medium coverage foundation. In my knowledge, it works great especially if you want to build up with concealer or a primer (listed below) and lastly want that natural skin look.

I would say this is more like a primer/base for foundation. Don't worry, your foundation does not cake up. That was one things I had to ask and see for myself. So ladies and gentlemen, you're saved by me.

Yes, a much needed product for the face. Got waterproof mascara that never seems to want to leave. This is most certainly your saviour.
 I normally just use water and spend about 30 minutes just trying to remove eye make up, yes some may say just use make up wipes but, they just don't do as much as this has done. P.S can be used on sensitive skin.

Well, I got this free because when you buy two skin care products you get the third free. I'm not a fan of using much produced skin care products especially because of so much ingredients used. 
However, I did want to try out a toner and see if it makes much difference to my face. I tend to have oily skin which produces more throughout the day. So this helps to minimise it and helps take out the bits of grub left from the makeup. Best to use morning and evening, but again I only use once, as I try to keep a minimal with the face. 

Go to drug store for make-up/beauty products.

After much debate on picking a sponge I resulted to No7 simple reasons, I have tried their foundation so i thought hmmm this is a brand i know and secondly you get two which was more than the price of one from other brands.  

Comes with six shades of skin tone colours. I mainly use this for correcting and concealing. I have yet to try the darker colour to contour the face. But i can tell you now, I am not yet at that stage of being a pro at doing my own makeup. 

Another Brand which is my first time ever using. I was on a roll then, with the new brands. 
I would have thought it would be exactly the same at the popular used setting banana powder. This is more of a translucent colour which therefore isn't exactly seen when you apply it. Works well, however, I have yet to use it more. So find out more in future favourites blog posts. 

Okay, so this is a product which I never ever buy. Literally, I have only purchased eye lashes 3 times and from different stores. So with this brand, I saw it was the cheapest because I only really needed it for a mini picture shoot that isn't anything professional (just self shot). I would say they resemble the price. Not exactly the best I have tried and will probably look else where or try the ones which come in packs online from Amazon/ebay.

Hopefully this post blends into something helpful to you all. Especially if you're thinking about trying a new make up product ! Hopefully one of the ones on the list is something you may try. Enjoy Christmas Shopping and I look forward to seeing you in my next blog post.

Lots of kisses and Hugs 

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