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So for those who maybe have always dreamt about travelling to Vegas, well, there's is still a chance.Especially with great deals on . For some of us abroad, we want to step in to Vegas Ready ! 
Exactly like we are on a mission.

So for first timers, we want to explore the area. Why not start with a BIG BUS TOUR along the strip. Something a little relaxing yet something to help you get your bearings ready for later.  Of course they'll be others so amazed so you're not alone.

For this, you want to be prepared for the weather.
Start off, with a good moisturiser or sun cream with a SPF of 50. When the day get's hot, you want to prepare your skin and keep protected at all times. (Especially if you're wanting to sit at the top of the double decker bus and ready to absorb the suns rays as well as attractions around you).

You want to make sure that you go for the natural look. Especially keeping in the pallet colours of nudes, bronze and browns. Of course you're more than welcome to show off your glow with your favourite highlighter. 

My suggestion is to keep your hair tied up during the day, to keep you at ease and make it one less hassle to deal with especially during the warmer hours.

Night Time Ready
New York-New York.

Imagine, being it two areas at once. Well that's possible by booking yourself a hotel room at the New York-New York. With the Statue of Liberty just right outside your door step. 

When it's time to go out with your friends, you want to be picture/selfie ready. So get your contour and highlight kit out.
 An easier way transitioning from your day look to a night time ready look is to have a simple look beforehand. Hence why starting off the day with a natural make-up helps.

Now you can go for a more darker lip colour for example purple or the 90s favourite colour brown. But for Vegas, the old time Red Lips gives it more or a glamour girl feel.

My suggestion is definitely to finish your make-up with some fix spray, especially one which has a longer time hold. 
You want to spend every moment capturing the lights and memories instead of worrying too much about your makeup.

Now, its your time to get out there and explore Vegas. Don't be shy to take out your phone and get that selfie.

Let Vegas be your destination and for more information about booking hotels and finding out more. Visit  is

Vegas is waiting for you !

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