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Hello my lovelies !!!

How is your year going? January is nearly over. I can't believe it !!! Anyways it's still winter so we have a little while to go till we can finally get back to the summer rays.
In the meantime, for those wondering how to protect their hair in the winter, There's always a option. Great for jazzing up your outfit too and just made to look effortless. All you need is a piece of fabric/scarf. And the road to stylish begins.

Using a silk fabric is great so it doesn't dry out hair but a bit fiddly.
Great as a protective hairstyle especially in winter. Cain row hair back to make it easier.
Some of these hair styles you can leave out hair in the front depending on your preference. Just make sure its secure enough so the wrap doesn't fall off.

  • Fold your piece of cloth so that it is like a long rectangle. 
  • Place at the back to the front 1/3 on one side of your head and the other part (longer side on your right side). 
  • Tie the scarf and place shorter half to the side.
  • Using the longer side, twist it and then wrap around into a bun.
  • Secure it by tucking it into the gap.
  • With the shorter half gently slide it to the front and create an even shape to bring back.
  • Once brought back over the bun tuck it securely into the bun.
  • Shape it up to your liking and your done !

~STYLE 2,3,4~
  • Place the folded head scarf on your head making sure both sides are even.
  • Wrap around head to the back and tie it securely.
  • Twist Both Sides and bring to the Front.

  • From Style 2, take one of the twists and wrap around the circumference of your head and tuck in at the back.

  • From Step 3 bring the other twist around your head.
  • You can always jazz it up by going in and out the first twist around the head.
  • Secure the Twist by tucking into the scarf gap.
~STYLE 5~ 
  • Place folded scarf from front of head and wrap to back
  • Tie at the back and leave the other half for later
  • Take one side, gather and comb it down to create pleats/folds.
  • Take the pleats and wrap around the circumference of head and you should see the folds.
  • Secure the end by tucking into the gap of the scarf.
  • Do the same for the other side and bring over the first and tuck in.
  • Shape the head scarf to your liking and Tah Dah!
  • Fold you scarf twice if it is on the bigger size. 
  • Take your scarf and wrap around head and tie at the back. (Ignore this step if cloth is shorter)
  • Bring the two sides to the front. 
  • And tie to create a bow. Adjust bow by spread it out.
  • If there is quite  bit of scarf left the tuck it in to create a smaller bow.
  • Fold your scarf twice, depending on how small it is in length.
  • Twist the scarf till its almost tight.
  • Place from front and wrap around to the back.
  • Tie it securely and adjust it to your liking. 

  •  Almost like Style 1 but the backwards version.
  • Place scarf from front to back of head and tie.
  • Taking one side twist and wrap around into a bun.
  • Take the other side and wrap around the first bun and tuck it.
  • Make sure it is secure and doesn't come out of shape. 
  • You can secure it by putting a band around it or ribbon.
Hope you enjoyed these easy to do styles and remember you can use any colour pattern that's out there.

Which Style is your favourite ?

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Have a wonderful blessed day everyone. 
Lots of kisses and hugs 

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