How to Pull through 2017 | Welcome to 2017 Resolutions

Hello wonderful people, hope you are all well.
It's the New Year 2017. I'm glad you've pulled through because can I just say, 2016 was eventful !!! 

So I do hope you've at least ended the 2016 with a bit of a wind down or maybe partied more than you could ever imagine. 
 Now, that you're in recovery mode, it's time to think about Resolutions and Goals. 

It may seem like a task but trust me, this year we going to go harder than ever. We're going to stop hibernating on the world. We going to make it and it begins here.

My first tip just before I jump into what I'll be doing is to keep your Goals/Resolutions small yet some what challenging. You know that once you complete it, you'll have a sign of relief. Lastly, it's better to start off small and build a foundation so that you can grow and lead to your finished product.

Tip 2
 Know that sometimes, things may not go as accord. So if you can't get it the first time, try a different angle. You might have been starring at it right in front of you. 

Getting down to business


Budgeting is a major thing I shall take into consideration. Especially being a student and having some bills to pay.
After watching a video by MAZELEE I was so motivated and defiantly am thinking hard about it. It's something that will help especially prepare me for the future. This year I want to travel so much that I may even forget where I actually live. For that reason saving will pay a huge part in my budget list.


I feel that reaching an age in my 20s I have a few extra responsibilities to take on board. From bills to signing forms myself and *sad face* living alone. Mom, you're still a train ride away so no sign of relief for you. On the serious note: Please, Please, Please, if you're still young or in your teenage years, don't rush to being an adult. It may be over barring to always hear adults say enjoy being a kid and free because trust me, you'll be thrown into the deep end once you reach adult years.


Time is one thing that I need to practise. They say patience is a virtue. And seriously it is. 
For example, with uni assignments, I tend to leave it till last minute. Or, I start thinking about it and then towards the deadline actually do the proper hard thinking and writing. I normally think I work well under pressure but it comes with it's cons especially one being STRESS. 
I am planning this year to take things more in a pace/spread out, eliminating the build up of stress. As well as taking a quicker pace on things that really could be done within a split second. One of the reasons is of course procrastination. So I am defiantly keeping a clock in every room I enter.

Hopefully this helps you think more about what YOUR Goals/Resoulutions may be. On that note,
Work Hard, Play Hard and Enjoy Yourself.

Question of the day.

What are your New Years Resolutions/Goals?

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Have an amazing day and stay tuned for more.
Lots of kisses and hugs 

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