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“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” 
 ~Walt Disney Company,Mulan.~

Hello wonderful all. 
Ninjani? Kumusta ka? こんにちは ! Mhoroi!

It seems so much harder to write a blog post now. Like what do I say, what do I write about ahahaha or better still how do I get inspired? However, I feel I'll just let my mind flow on this one and see where it take's me. Enjoy reading and of course the pictures too.

I always flick through Instagram, Youtube and a new love of mine, Pinterest. Ahhh the vibrance and aesthetics that always flow between each video and picture, just makes me think of this world being a creative platform for others.
Ahaha but then this happens. Uninspired. Mind Block. Put down.

Feeling so uninspired or anything that stops you from doing something is okay once in a while. We are all human and we all get into this phase.It's as easy to get out of it as it is to get into it. 

Don't feel your work isn't as good as others or feel that it's time to end you dream goal. As Zen Habits (The Little Rules of Actions) says 'Too much thinking often results in getting stuck, in going in circles.'  Thus meaning, you have to just continue in what you are doing. 'Take action' and don't let go the treasure you been holding. 

Yes, there may be somethings that need a little change. Maybe look at a different angle, look around, open your eyes. It's not about being the best in a race, it's about being the best in you. No need to think of it as being a competition because we all move at different paces. I've gathered that myself, I always tend to do things at a slower pace than others. I usually find that it's because I pay attention to detail in order to increase the quality of what I'm doing. And thats fine, it means I'm doing the best I can at my own pace. No one should judge you at that because, at the end of the day, you know what you've achieved. So don't kick yourself in the back for your pace. 

With that being said, let your mind just continue to flow. Okay, let's just say it's on a little break and once it's finished, it's back to inspired mode again. I believe in you and you should believe in yourself too !

Hope you like this outfit. Ahahaha, guess what, I created the skirt myself. Lucky for you, I've recorded a DIY video on this skirt;)Find out more via my YouTube video on this look. Coming soon.


Nottingham City

Nikon 3200

Earrings~ @justafewprettythings
Turtle neck~Forever 21
Skirt~Made by zimzygirl

 Stay Blessed, wonderful and creative.
Lots of kisses and hugs


  1. Beautiful skirt. I will be msging you soon for your sewing skills.

    Tanaka x

    1. Thank you Tanaka, yayyyy a fellow Zim blogger. I can't wait to share my new outfit I'm currently making. Hopefully i will be done soon with it, I'm literally itching to make a blog post about it. zimzygirl ~ xXx



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