Hello wonderful all. 
Ninjani? Kumusta ka? こんにちは !

Last week, was a busy time for both myself and the university itself. 
Each year, the university hosts, what is known as Global Week. A time to connect different cultures together and showcase their beauty radiance, light and not forgetting food ! 

I'd love to showcase many of these places in the best way possible especially by traveling to them. So to make it easy for me, everything was all under one roof. It means that once I know the basics I can use what I've learnt and build upon it once I step foot and see for my own eyes. That's what documenting is all about and mine starts here.

I only managed to go on two days but I've learnt so much from the 3 main tribes in Nigeria to tasting peanut butter and jelly in America. Oh, I even got a selfie next to the Statue of Liberty.

Travel around the world in Five Days.

First stop in Asia and Pacific.

Close to home with Africa

 Time to visit the Queen in Europe and UK

Try some Dates in Middle East

Holiday season in America and the Caribbean

Where are you from and tell me about what makes your country special to you?
Let me know in the comments down below. I would love to visit your country and feel so welcomed by all the radiance it has to offer. Let the world know you are Proud of where you come from !

Lots of kisses and hugs 

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