'let what you love be what you do'
My little intro~
I feel ecstatic speaking to different people from around the world. It’s inspiring finding out about their culture and hoping to learn a thing or two that would help me grow and share positive light. 
I’ve reached out to Celeste who is one of my favourite visual Instagramers’. She also has her own blog and YouTube channel, known as ‘Celmatique’. In terms of her Instagram feed, she always brings colour to my timeline and of course her outfits are so wonderfully coordinated. Celeste is currently based in Ghana at the moment, so, I thought while she is still there, why not enlighten us on her experience in Ghana and bring a colourful perspective of it. Let’s Go!

 Let’s get to know you a little ~
Hi guuuuuys! So my name is Celeste van Joost (I know, it’s a very, very Dutch last name, haha). I’m turning 25 in July and I’m born and raised in The Netherlands. Before I started Celmatique, dancing was my life. I’ve been a professional dancer until the age of 21, however I’ll never stop loving it. I also love to write and sing. But my biggest passion is everything that has to do with clothes and style. No such thing as coincidence since my mom is a fashion designer. Even my dad is in retail. I basically grew up in the fashion business. It’s been a great pleasure working with my mom so closely, as we’re working on some projects together. Besides that I’ve learned a lot from her about clothes and materials in general.

Your backgrounds are usually a different colour and usually quite bright happy colours such as green, blue or yellow! With that being said, do you have a favourite colour?
Very true! I think my favourite colour switches from time to time, but it has been (mustard) yellow for a while now. To me it’s the happiest colour.

Do you spontaneously find these places with different colours or plan where to take your pictures?
It depends, sometimes I do find them spontaneously and sometimes I already know where I can find them. That’s the thing with my #bestbackdrop addiction. If you’re doing it for quite some time you remember certain locations and also notice things much faster. People pass by walls easily that I find very interesting. There are a few cities where I know some great backgrounds by heart.

How would you describe your style?
To be honest, I don’t think it’s up to me to describe my style. But what I do know that it’s mostly about mixing: colours, prints, textures and different styles.

As a Blogger, do you have a visual of where you want to take your blog say in the next 5 years?
Celmatique is more than just a blog. I want it to be bigger than me; something that people can identify with and relate to. Call it a lifestyle or a brand, that doesn’t really matter. Celmatique is about each and everyone that shares the same values and I’m sure loads of great stuff will come from that!

Moving onto your Visuals about Ghana~
So currently you’re in Ghana.
From reading ‘#2 Celmatique in Afrique: First Impressions’, it was your first time visiting Ghana. You got to meet a lot of people and attend an event called ‘Afrotastic’ (In love with your hair by the way). You seemed to have enjoyed it with pictures to show your impressions. Since your back again in Ghana, have you grown to like it even more?
Ah, thank you first of all for the compliment! I’ve learned to love my hair. I didn’t always used to like it. Anyway that’s a different story. Ghana. Yes, I do love it even more! I’ve been to Ghana 4 times and every time is different. Right now I actually feel I have my own thing here; I made friends, work here, live here together with my boyfriend Charles, building a network. It takes some time before you settle in and find your way. The first time Ghana was more like a holiday and after that it was exploring. Now I feel I know Accra pretty well and I can focus more on what I can do here, for me.

I believe each continent has its good and bad picture, with Africa, it surely has more to what’s being shown in the media. What would you like people to visual Ghana as being?
That Ghana has a lot to offer, it’s developing in many ways and has some beautiful places. It’s so dynamic. My personal experience with Ghana is that it made me look at the world and myself differently. I’ve learned so much by coming here.

Have you been inspired by the art/culture music or traditional clothing in Ghana?
Absolutely. I get the most inspiration from other cultures and Ghana is definitely one of them.

Is it different from where you come from or other countries you’ve visited?
Yes, very different. I’m from The Netherlands where everything is structured and developed. I have never been to another country in Africa besides Ghana, but the countries I visited are very different.

Is there a favourite spot you enjoy taking pictures in Ghana?
Gomoa Fetteh, Cape Coast and Jamestown.

Visualising food in Ghana, I’m sure, the taste is different from other countries across the seas. Is there any food in Ghana that you have tried and have enjoyed?
Haha, yeah! Fufu, groundnut soup, Jollof, plantain, Kelewele and so much more.

You mentioned Ghana gave you a ‘warm welcome’ when it was your first time going there. For those who haven’t yet been and want to go, where would you recommend them to go and get a great visual outlook about Ghana.
I think that really depends on your personal preferences. Charles and I love to get closer to the local life. That’s why we go camping on a different beach (close to small villages) every weekend or eat at local spots. One of my favourite eating spots is behind Shoprite in Osu, where you can eat Atjeke. It’s amazing! But I also love to go to the Chop Bar and eat local dishes. They have the best Fufu.

Is there any other country you would love to visit and explore their culture?
South Africa, Japan, Cuba, Marocco, I would also love to visit Indonesia again, but this time longer. Oh and I would love to travel trough Asia! Haha, yeah there are so many countries I’d still want to see!

Words is another form of expressing oneself, for example though poetry, song writing and stories. Is there any ‘famous’ quote that stands out to you? What does it mean to you?
Every one in a while I save quotes that I like in my phone. But when I started Celmatique I created my own as a motto: to inspire others to be themselves. It basically explains everything that Celmatique is about and also, what I strive to do every single day. It’s so important to be yourself. Perhaps – in life in general – it’s the most important. Knowing who you are is the basic step to anything that you do!

My second favourite is: let what you love be what you do. This is because so many people I know and also friends of mine are struggling with what they want to do in life. They don’t have a clear passion or dream job. I think I’m lucky that at quite a young age I discovered what I really love and took the risk to made a career out of it. I’ve always been very close to my family, I value my friends a lot and I wouldn’t be complete without my boyfriend. But Celmatique is something I built and will always be mine: it’s something no one could ever take away from me and that’s so valuable. If your happy with who you are and what you do, I’m very sure the rest will follow.

 And lastly~
You are given a chance to ask a question about anything. What will it be?
I think I might not be the only one but I would really like to know if we are the only living creates in this universe. I mean, no one knows how big it actually is. That’s just craaaazy. I’m pretty sure there’s more life somewhere.

Thank you from me to you~

Thank you for being part of my ‘Discovering Us’ feature and I’m very happy that you have accepted to feature on my blog even though we are currently miles away. I hope, you enjoyed answering and hope by doing this you are able to help inspire others by sharing part of you to them ~

With that being said, to everyone that has read this post, remember that, this world is beyond what we see from our doorsteps. It is colourful, it has its own unique realm and has opportunities awaiting your discovery. 
So let nothing be in the way of you achieving what you would like to do. As Celeste says 'let what you love be what you do.'

Discover You 

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