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Hello everyone and welcome to another episode to Zimzygirl Diaries.
This time, my partner in travelling and I, decided to venture off into nature. We've been so keen on finding and actually going to a place with a Waterfalls. Honestly I've been putting off this road trip for ages mostly because, I always woke up late and the day just slid past so quick. 
This time, despite it already reaching afternoon hours, I picked the clossest Waterfalls there was, and made the mini road trip adventure.

 Lumsdale Waterfalls.

So just a little history and knowledge.
Lumsdale Waterfalls is located just on the edge of Derbyshire (Matlock) in the lovely quiet village of Lumsdale. Just to add on this is in the UK.
Part of the valley owned by Arkwright Society, still has six mills remaining which were industrial sites in the 1600's. These buildings are now protected from being rebuilt but available to be seen by the public. Lumsdale Valley in which sites the Lumsdale Waterfalls is one of Britain's well known water works industrial archaeological sites.

~Arrival & Parking~
Upon arrival, and finding a parking space quite easily, we noticed, the place was full of steep hills. Thank goodness I had comfortable clothing and shoes on. Imagine wearing killer 'heels' ???  Instead of you killing those 'heels' the 'hills' will be killing you... not really (just a metaphor there). Luke, well he had those Timberlands, so pretty much walkable heavy shoes.

 Wherever you park (so long as you have not parked in a restricted area),be prepared for the walk.
  It's so lovely though, because once you're on top of the hill, you can see almost everything. Just like being 'On top of the World' !!!
We managed to start where the Falls began . After a good spot from the ears of zimzygirl~. 

~The Falls~
It wasn't at all crowded, it was so peaceful especially taking photo's wasn't a problem. Also having the honours of hearing mother nature's voice brought a little more of appreciation of this world and its spectacular designs.

We spent about an hour or two there, but honestly from me personally, I felt I had learnt so much about the place and nature. 


I must say, I've noticed Nottingham and now Derbyshire, has quite a bit of caves. So of course, this area where the falls is located had it's share. 

~Open field~
This open field was part of the public footpath, so don't worry, we were not trespassing on private property. Thanks to doing 'The Challenge and Duke of Edinburgh, I know about these paths. Again, this would be such a lovely place to just take a moment off your busy time in life and just lay down and let nature present to you it's stories.

~More to explore~

If you enjoy nature, peaceful walks and exploring new places, make Lumsdale your place to go to. I myself, will be visiting there again soon since there's more to see. Castle on the hill, the mills and of course more of where the falls leads to.

Have you found a Falls near you ?




Hope you enjoyed this post and it has helped you to get a little adventure going into your life.

Lots of kisses and Hugs

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