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What makes a city home. A city which doesn't leave you drained, a city which makes you want more and a city in which allows you to explore it's true history right at your doorstep.

You guys really loved my 'In the Footsteps of a Londoner' Blog post that I did last year, and so I have decided to do a part 2.  Which means a whole lot ore content on London and in which,I shall prove to you, London is an eventful city.

I have been away from London for a while now, and have only been back a few times. However, my last visit, I made sure to utilise my time wisely by doing what I enjoy doing known as exploring London. Just to set the post up, I went with the flow and did not expect to run into many events on that day. So, lets begin with the early hours of the morning.

~From Nottingham to London~

Am I an early morning person?  The answer is obviously no, so to be catching a coach at 7am, that is something new to me. It was refreshing though, you know, at least the sun was out so really, I didn't mind as it gave me an excuse to cover my bags with my shades.

I was not expecting, upon arrival to be greeted by an event which was supposed to start at 11am. Earlier, I was told to be alert and just be aware of my surrounding, but coming from someone studying journalism, I was just curious and decided to see what it was about. Too add on, my bus route was blocked due to the road being closed.

~11am Event~

It was a march to remain in the EU, which was predicted to have about 25,000 people walk from Marble Arch through to Parliament Square. I decided to walk through Hyde Park, just to get that nostalgic feeling of my summers spent at the Park. By the time I got to the main entrance, I found myself walking right in the heart of the crowd about to begin their march. I'm used to seeing a great number of people walking through Hyde Park spread through out the park, however, in this case, everyone was in one area. I did feel a rush of excitement and my eye kept wondering around reading all the posts and flags everyone had been holding. It felt like it was really well organised.

~Next Stop Greenwich~

After experiencing the train stopping in the middle of nowhere for a while, I arrived at Greenwich greeted by my partner in exploring Luke. I must say, you have to have a bit of patience on transport in London, but you won't get lost, there's plenty of alternative routes! 

Greenwich is another part of London to be explored. If you still want to be in London, but just away from the 'bustling streets' then this could be your option. You can access it by bus, train and underground or if you're really feeling something different, maybe a Greenwich boat Cruise. 
This side of Greenwich features years of history such as the Catty Sark, the National Maritime Museum and of course Greenwich University which sits off the bank of the River Thames. 

Okay, I did of course plan on checking the museum out which I remember visiting so many year back. However, being a little on the last side, it was just about closing although the grounds was still open including the Park. I must say, remember to bring a picnic blanket, a camera and roller skates if you ever do visit. 

~The other side of Greenwich ~
 The O2

Again, I didn't know there was an event going on at the O2 that day. If Im correct in saying, it was Craig David performing. My motif was just to have dinner with Luke's family in which case we decided to go somewhere different from the usual Nandos.

~Cabana Brasilian Barbecue ~

If you guys have heard about Turtle Bay, It is almost set up like Turtle Bay. Apart from spending a few minutes, trying to remember who order what, the food was of course delicious. In terms of meat, you have a choice in how its cooked, some people love theres medium rare (Luke) and others love it well done to the point its almost burnt (me). That way, I know my food is cooked.
Thank you Luke's mom for spoiling us all. 

10pm Home time.

How many places have you been to in one day in your city ?

Look out for the outfit snaps we managed to get in my next Blog Post.
~Until next Time London~

Hyde Park
Park Row Greenwich
North Greenwich ~ The O2

Stay blessed and Stay Happy 
Lots of kisses and hugs

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