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 “As we become more enlightened, as we know ourselves more, truly anything is possible. When you connect to your true self, then life is limitless and anything you can possibly imagine can be your reality.” ~Yut

Spring is officially here. It's the time where you look out the window and find the trees and flowers are beginning to bloom. That glint of sun leaking through the gaps of the branches. Nice sight righty ? Well, I mean here in England, currently it's the opposite. Its raining as I type !
Ahaha, but hey, at least the rain is life to these blooming flowers (no pun intended) ! It's made me think that there is usually a positive to a negative. I mean in this world in order to survive we have to go through some tuff times. We fall and we rise, we crawl and then we walk. More so it's about researching in order to put out a performance.

Ahaha, I'm getting a little personal here. Moving through the works of life, known as my journey, I've reached the stage where I'm finding out that things won't go right. In other words my grades. It's alright, because I've realised that, its not the end of the world, as there is not time to let a single grade define or stop you from moving on. If anything, it's made me look at the positive side. It's made me see I'm more of a practical learning and performer than more of an academic person. It's also made me push myself to find out ways to improve myself such as seeking help from a teacher or visiting the library more often. READ READ READ as my mom put's it out to me.

So this Spring, don't worry if you haven't bloomed yet. You're still growing your roots. You're still finding you. It really isn't a race, besides, the more time you take on finding you, the more greater in quality you'll be. In other words, when everyone's bloomed and had their time, you'll be there to make an entrance and have your time to shine. In a way it's good because you'll remind everyone of themselves and hopefully keep the blossoms blooming. Ahahah so Spring into the Light but remember it doesn't have to be done now, just spend quality time in finding you and the positives in you. 

Hopefully this made sense and given a little help into those who have experienced similar stages in their journey. Discover your journey and discover you ~

Lots of kisses and Hugs 

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