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Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.
~Edward de Bono~

Okay, so I had an urge to do some creating and you know, you can't ignore that desire, it actually takes over your whole mind, especially when you actually visualise how it will turn out pre-production stage. Nevertheless, the original design did turn out to be a little different then what I anticipated, but with all creative things, you're in the moment and one minute you're inspo. is so Gone with the Wind and the next Sin City. That's the same with fashion as a whole and what's on trend. Things switch up so quickly so the design decided to follow the same route.
I'm still in love with how it turned out. As for the skirt part, I just have a few finishing touches, so look out for the full outfit soon.

This particular day, I kept the outfit casual, it was a little later in the day (moving onto evening) and the weather, well, you know the saying, British weather has a mind of its own.  So the pink Timberlands for comfortable walking in London, the green leggings from Forever 21 and the DIY top.

Hopefully as the year progresses into summer, more DIY outfits will appear. I'm still at beginners mode, so I'm a little shy recording tutorials for YouTube. With more practise, i'll get there, and who knows, create outfits for you (maybe).

With out further ado i shall leave it all in your judgement, about what you think, is there anything that would would change up or add, or more so colours? Let me know in the comments below, I'm open to suggestions, as I'm yet to record a tutorial on creating this outfit.




Enjoy your day everyone.
           Lots of kisses and hugs

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