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I'm interested in that hybrid - the place between the real world and my imagination. There's a friction that's created between the things we imagine and the things that exist.
~Laurel Nakadate~

Killing it with confidence... in terms of style.
I'm honestly thinking, is there anything this shell pink duster coat does not go with. I previously styled it using pink and grey colours since I thought they went well together which is more on the girly side. You can access that blog post here
Little did I know pink would go so well with green without looking like a christmas tree.

I decided to challenge myself and put two looks together creating a perfect hybrid of Clastreet (Classy and Street). [I'll think of a better name next time].
This pairing literally screams confidence while walking through the streets.

As for the two tone greens, it breaks away from just having one colour and bringing more dimension to the outfit. Okay the truth is, I didn't have matching bottoms or top, plus both items were from different shops.

Just because these are mens tracksuit bottoms, doesn't mean they can't look good on a girl. These bottoms allow to give more of a fitted look, showing off a curve here and there and of course making it seem you have confidence in your shape without showing off any skin.

 The cropped hoodie, comes with an unfinished hem at the bottom,that adds more character to the outfit. 
Just in case it decides to rain, an added bonus to the cropped top is that it comes with a hood. Only wish It came with pockets.

Just to give it more of a classier style, I picked brown boots which of course take an outfit to a different level like adding some height to my short self. 
The good thing about these boots is that you can rock them during day time especially if you know you'll be walking a lot because the thick heel provides more steadiness to your strides.

On that note, I think this pink duster coat is giving me life. Literally the colour is amazing, and there's still a lot of colours that I feel will go perfectly well with it.
It really gives more of a classier look to any outfit and if you still want to look girly but still comfortable with the clothing you're wearing underneath, throw on a long blazer jacket, and bam you'll deffo be killing it. 

Thanks to the Korean drama Goblin aka Guardian:The Lonely and Great God for this style inspiration, honestly if you haven't watched this please stop what you're doing and click here
Thank me later~

What other colours would pink go with?

Pink Duster Coat - New Look
Green Cropped Hoodie - New Look (on sale now)
Tracksuit bottoms - Primark (mens)
Boots - New Look




Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Continue to comment below, because I get so happy whenever I receive one and you guys keep me motivated.Until tomorrow.
 Lots of kisses and hugs 

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