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Don't beat yourself behind the bushes, you'll find yourself more lost and confused,rather,look for the signs in front of you to realise your potential.

Coming to an age, where people around me seem to be getting along just fine such as knowing what they want to become, or already in the game, led me to believe I am a little on the slow side or maybe just not that great at all. To put it more forward,basically the odd one out. 

True Facts here guys, but don't worry the tables have turned now.

I always lingered on the idea of being different, I mean why not hey. From trying out different sports, making friends with people from around the world, trying out different clothing or just being creative.  Being creative means you can cook up a whole new dish of food that no one has tasted, almost like a talent.

Which brings me on to this amazing piece of clothing, I put my heart into. From the design to the search of fabric and then to actually sewing it. 

What I can not believe is I actually finished sewing everything. 

This has to be one of my favourite fabrics so far. Silk dress brocade fabric purchased from Sheffield Moor Market. What made me want to pick this weighty oriental fabric was the detail. Dragons.

 Known to be powerful and of course of symbol of good luck in China, it was no wonder emperors were seen to wear them on their clothing. Of course, I love to do my research so that the clothing I wear has a meaning. 

Of course, embroidery has crept onto the trendy market this year, but I haven't seen anything different compared to the dragon embroidery. I deffo, will do more research and have to put China on my list of places to visit and learn more about their history and culture.

So I guess this fabric has been my Good Luck, it most certainly has made me feel I have found my passion and maybe notice that sewing and being creative is my talent.

Would you like one made just for you ?




Birmingham China Town

Top and Skirt ~ Made by me
Shoes ~ Next
Bag ~ Primark

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please do feel free to comment below, because I get so happy whenever I receive one and you guys keep me motivated. Lots of kisses and hugs 

P.S If you want to inquire about one being made for you, contact me on Instagram @zimzygirl or email me @staceyplanetearth@gmail.com

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