How to style a bodycon dress| A complete switch up in Birmingham

Remember to be a woman, means to be confident, take pride in what you do and having fun as your priority 

Okay, so let me tell you now, this dress is amazing, amazing and amazing.
From the colour to the fit, I know there's dresses out there designed to show off a little curve. You and I just have to be on the look out more often.

So of course, because I want to show off how versatile this dress is, I decided to take myself and the dress to Birmingham, you could call it 'The Switch Up Adventures' (Birmingham Edition).

With bodycon dresses, there's not just one way to wear them, whether it has straps or not, you could potentially wear it with any outfit and how you like.  Glam girl to the basic day, basic life, basically everything girl. The list is endless.

So Let's take a look, how I decided to style a bodycon dress in one day. 

Grand Central Station

Who loves to layer?  I think I would, if it was a little on the cooler side of the day. No doubt with me running for the train, and just about making it with a minute to spare, it was a good idea not to wear the bodycon dress as a dress. Instead I opted for a top, skirt and paired with white trainers.
With this body con dress, the stretch allows you to fold it while staying put in that fold, not only that, it still allows space for a white t-shirt or top to fit inside to give that casual look.

Obviously for travelling and lets say walking around, you want to look comfortable and for scenarios where you have to run for transport, you won't have to worry about the restriction that bodycon dresses can have.

Switch up or switch down.

From the Town hall to the Mailbox, I decided to switch it 'down' by showcasing the dress while still maintaining that casual look. 
This way would certainly work for those wanting to show off the dress during cooler seasons or maybe attending a smart casual event.  

Lets meet across the bridge of love.

So I did get asked was I in Paris, because of the key locks with couples names written on them. I only wish, but I guess, in a way, you could almost feel as in you were exactly in Paris, carefree, ready to capture the heart of a Parisian. No doubt, once his eyes lay a gaze upon you, there won't be any need to look else where. The way the dress is, simply puts out the words without speaking, I am confident, beautiful and ambitious.

 ...Of course, I was just there to take pictures and admire the view, so that's a little scene I imagine would happen.

Spring Romance

Sometimes, less is more, you just have to think of one thing which would invite people to see there's still a bit of detail in the outfit.
Hint, the white lace from the body con dress.

This is definitely like a new outfit within its self. Who knew a jacket could be worn like a dress. Creative

So pair it with some jeans, or skirt or by itself and you're good to go. This dress was sent by the lovely MusendoClothingLine. Check her out on Instagram here and website here.

As for Birmingham, being a hybrid of industrial city, urban and cosmopolitan, it reminds me so much of London. Theres so much more to discover just like discovering how many different ways one dress can be worn. I definitely will be back. Watch this space.

Do you Like to Switch up or Switch Down?

Dress ~ MusendoClothingLine
Shoes~ Primark
Jacket~ BHS
Earrings~ @JustAFewPrettyThings




Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Continue to comment below, because I get so happy whenever I receive one and you guys keep me motivated.
 Lots of kisses and hugs 

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