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In case you didn't notice, style is all about standing out.

I love the idea of designing and creating your own clothes. In my eyes, I see it as a talent, especially when the outcome is so unique, that it lives to represent the creator with a deeper meaning.

In this case, I worked with the noturious Dashiki Print fabric. The idea was to create a fitted skirt just like the pastel pink skirt I wore here and a 3/4 sleeve top. Little did I know, the design to start off with would take a turn. Surely I'm not the only one to admit I never stick to my original design? 
Then again that's the beauty of sewing your own clothes, you go through a journey of trial and errors until you meet your match.

 Having said that, I of course wanted the outfit to still have some African element with a modern twist. Who ever thought the twist would surface from getting the skirt measurements a tad bit wrong. *Hint Hint* The sides of the skirt. 

So where does this African element come into perspective? 

Colour Blocking Patterns !

For some apparent reason, I had purchased this fiery coloured fabric a while ago only to gather dust, I guess retail 'therapy' does have its cons. Back then orange was never my cup of tea, until the day when I needed it the most. It's certainly a colour bursting with vibrance and slowly growing on me.

So for the Green and Pink I thought the orange both on the sleeves and skirt would be a worthy contrasting colour to give the title of colour blocking.

Closer to home, the concept of colour blocking brought me to the heart of the colourful Ndebele tribe. Click here to see amazing pictures of what I mean. So for me, this represents a colour of a nation who prescribe each colour with a meaning. It's very much evident with their homes painted with abstract shapes and colours. 

Other inspired Elements
Gucci really is one designer brand I've recently taken a liking to, their mixture of prints honestly is so well put together (more on this in  feature blog post)
60s... Colour blocking was most certainly a popular trend during the 60s and of course back again in the 00's.

So all in all, I enjoyed creating this outfit, mixing an African print with a modern twist together to present to you 'The AfriTwist'. Ahaha ... maybe i'll think of a better name ~

What do you think ?

Top and Skirt ~ Zimzygirl
Shoes~ Mango 
Accessories~ @JustAFewPrettyThings
Sun Glasses ~ Thailand




A reminder to myself: keep the scraps of fabric you have as you may need it in the future for your so called "mistakes".

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