A kaftan for all your needs

'I have a few caftans just for lounging purposes. When I want to feel free, it's the closest thing to feeling naked without being naked'. 

~Jill Scott~

Caftans are deffo a piece of clothing everyone should have stored in their closet. They have been something which has been slept on this summer. Hopefully after todays enlightenment, it will be the first thing that springs up in your mind when thinking of an outfit. In fact with caftans there's no need to think of pulling together an outfit. One simple movement and ta da ! Its on in a second.

If you really want to be creative, you can switch up your style from morning to night with a caftan. From having a zambia wrapped around in the morning (that African Lady look) to the wearing it as a top.
Yes, I love it when a piece of clothing has multi styles.
For those who like getting your money's worth, this deffo is something that is worth it!

 My particular fancy has been stripes, but more specifically 'wide stripes'. From my finding, I have found wide stripes to work well on curvier shapes especially if the clothing is fitted.

It's also close to simple, so again you can throw on another pattern such as a zambia, or even if the day gets a little chilly some stockings or leggings. 

For now, I am just in love with this simple caftan, most certainly a design I will be updating as the seasons change.
Imagine the amount of days I'll be taking off work, just to lazily lounge and be in a free. Shhhh Don't tell my boss. 

 So if you're feeling like this should be something in your closet, grab yourself one immediately. 

OR if you like this specific one, I am most certainly available to make one just for you.

What is your favourite piece of clothing that fits all your needs?

My Cousin

Nikon D3200

Bournemouth Beach

Caftan ~ Made by me
Shoes ~ unknown
Bag ~ Primark
Earrings~ Quiz

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please do feel free to comment below, because I get so happy whenever I receive one and you guys keep me motivated. Lots of kisses and hugs 

P.S If you want to inquire about one being made for you, contact me on Instagram @zimzygirlor email me @staceyplanetearth@gmail.com

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