For most of us, this world is a place where movement across the boarders are available at the palm of our hands. It's whether we choose to find out exactly what is there or we choose to stay a few yards from this new side. It's understandable if you choose not to partake in this new adventure, as you are worried it may be far different from what you had anticipated. Maybe it's because of what media shows or what you hear.
Yet again, isn't it all about taking risks, grabbing hold of opportunities and making your dreams real. Besides you never know unless you try.

My point here is this, you may hear now and again of people giving negative views about each other, knocking each other to the ground and even getting too far ahead of them selves. With this of course, there are people who go past this image and want to embrace, bring up, teach and experience what others experience. Although they do it with respect by understanding and learning about that person. All this takes time, so again, if you feel like taking the plunge you have two ways about it, to take your time or to just go for it.
Which option will you take?

Welcome to my page about Discovering Us, Discovering different cultures, experiences, and ways of living. I am certain this page will bring my blog together and showcase my blogs purpose. Not only that, but actively participating and questioning how this world works. It's a small stepping stone to bring people together, acknowledge the world we live in and of course build a path to positive thinking.


I would love it if different people from around the world participate by telling me about where they come from and what their culture is about. We could make this into an interview, share pictures, stories. Remember this is about Discovering Us.
Head over to my Contact page, which has various ways of contacting me or leave a comment behind.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Please do feel free to comment below, because I get so happy whenever I receive one and you guys keep me motivated. Lots of kisses and hugs 


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