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Have I mentioned to you about the colour orange? 
A colour which can pop into our minds when we think of 'Bright'. 
A colour which can make or break a piece of art in the moments of Ooos and Ahhsss or Nooos.
A colour which can smooth its way into our vision just like the African sunset does while cruising on the Lake Kariba.
 As you can tell, it is a colour I have grown to love this summer. 

In terms of incorporating it into an outfit without actually looking like an Orange, I decided to space it out a little and have two ways of doing the trick.

One way to do it is by getting some not ALL but 'SOME' skin out.
 Of course, I'm not promoting show all you skin but in terms of having a gap in between the colour orange, this option of having a skirt just above the knee and then plain orange slippers allows people to have a gradual outlook on the outfit. Or take the orange headscarf as another example. Placed on the head, then we have the face which of course shows your skin moving on to the orange necklace. Almost like a pattern going on. Orange, skin, orange.

Okay, so maybe your not a fan of getting much skin out, maybe another colour will do the trick but a colour which doesn't drown away your main colour of choice. 

That's when the colour white comes into hand. Yes, it maybe on the bright side but, we should all know the colour white goes with every colour. Take this white bell long sleeve top from Mango as an example. A little detail here and there with the construction of the top, yes, but it is still plain. So again it doesn't take away too much eye eye from what you want to stand out.

What is your favourite colour?

My aunty

Nikon D3200

Bournemouth Square

Head Scarf ~ Uknown
Shoes ~ Mango
Top ~ Mango
Earrings~ H&M (i think)
Skirt~ Made by me
Necklace~Just A Few Pretty Things

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Lots of kisses and hugs 

P.S If you want to inquire about one being made for you, contact me on Instagram @zimzygirlor email me

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