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What I had realised about Zimbabwean weekends is that, they usually are weekends. There's a time to work, time for a family outing, an even longer time to relax and a time to get ready for the week ahead. My best advice to make this work is wake up early and forget about your phone! Yes, I said forget the phone. Forget about social media, the Snapchats the Instagram or the Facebook. Create a weekend which you will remember in your mind because you did exactly what you wanted to do with the people around you. So even if you forget, they'd be someone their to paint the picture for you again.

I won't lie to you all, I was in a lot of emotions this day. However, turning to be the strong woman I am, I managed to get out of bed and commence with the day. 

So there I was, wanting to be a little more local - should I say. I wanted to create a new experience and new memories. Besides, my other days were jam packed with re-living the previous memories I had when I once lived in Zimbabwe.

The heat was roaring by 9 am. Blazing as they say. There I was dressed in my long maxi dress, that my mom usually says sweeps the streets of London. To me it went perfectly well with the African colours. It was light, airy and still allowed parts of me to get that sun kissed glow. Everyone's fashion taste is different I guess.

 By now, the water, had gone, and because it started off as a lazy day, work needed to be done just before church. I want to be honest with you here, and not lie about everyday being so great.

So yes, there is still the situation of water and electricity being cut off. I seen especially in different parts of town or villages which aren't particular top priority, to have this problem.
As I mentioned before, I wasn't going to be staying somewhere luxurious but I was well prepared to face whatever came along my way. I'm all grown up now and need to face both sides of a situation especially to see whether I can make it to the other end or not.

It's a good thing that there are other alternatives. So, for example my grandma has a water well, or others have large water containers collecting rain water or a water pump in the village. But I feel some of this work is so unnecessary, especially if you have to go through the trouble of boiling the water making sure every bit of chemical or unwanted products is gone. Then again not everyone can afford to find an alternative which makes this a case of what exactly are top priorities here.

It did however, put a smile on my face, knowing I was there volunteering to help, even if it meant fetching the water myself. Don't worry I didn't walk miles away, it was only in the garden but the general feeling of just taking the weight off someone for a day meant they could have a little time to themselves or just one less job to do. Talking about weight, the bucket filled with water and now being pulled up with all my strength was guided by the little knots on the rope. Good idea if you need more grip.

Okay, you most likely noticed the time 9am and noticed I mentioned church. Doesn't church start early on a Sunday morning? You're correct on that ! I think it must run in the family, turning up to places a little late. (I hope no potential job managers of mine are reading this).


The sun, of course continued shinning and finally we were making our way to church.

This was a different type of place we were going to. A place more so different from what you would think. I'd like to introduce you to Masowe.

I really wanted to experience going to Masowe in Zimbabwe. I also wanted to Thank God for all his blessing and for letting me take care of my family in Zimbabwe even if it was just for a week. Although, I went to a different church a while back in Zimbabwe, it was nice to have a little change, even if it was just for a day. Maybe some would say this is showing respect.

I remember being young with my head sticking out the car window driving past Seke Road. There I witnessed people gathered in white garments outside in the sun. I knew it was a worship ground but never understood nor knew where they originated from. Little did I know, the future me would be exactly where they stood and of course introduced like you have now, to the church.

Zimbabwe is like a fruit basket although maybe not so much seen by many. It does have different religions including Christianity and Islam. It also has the Mapostori Church. 

Masowe was founded by Jowani Masowe in 1931. The Church is known for it's prophesising, prayers and being able to help those in difficult situations. 

My eyes had seen different ages coming together, from the 7 month old baby to the 90 year old man sitting crossed legged straight ahead of my view. The men (Madzibaba) sat on one side and the woman (Madzimai) on the other side. You maybe familiar with the word 

 "Stacey cross your legs don't make them stand and don't hug them."

I still had a lot to learn about what to do and what not to do.

The orange sand made its choice to be swept away by the wind dancing around in circles which gradually grew. No one seemed distracted from this, all expect one. That one being me.

My ears were gifted with all the sounds around. From the swoosh of the trees brushing against each other to the sound of the cars greeting each other as they drove past.

 Although my main interest was on the language present. Shona. One of the official languages of Zimbabwe and the language used during Masowe. For me, I understood as much as I could, but I knew, I had to work on speaking it more. The songs sung were easy to catch on so I wasn't particularly lost there. 

I would love to tell you more about it, but I would love to keep the rest of the experience with me.

Coming home, in the late afternoon, was just so peaceful. I suppose it was a Sunday, and most people were home relaxing or visiting family on the other side of town. The ground was dusty but I didn't mind that, it brought more realness to my day and made officially stamped in my mind that this is Zimbabwe. 

Have you ever experienced something new in a different country ?


Harare ~Zimbabwe

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Have a wonderful blessed day everyone. I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little and seeing Zimbabwe from my perspective so far. There are more Zimzygirl Diaries Posts and pictures to come during this week so be sure to visit my blog everyday.

Lots of kisses and hugs 



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