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'Crocodiles are dangerous.Do not disturb them. People found throwing objects in this area, will be asked to retrieve them.'
~Mukuvisi Woodlands~

Date 22/09/2017 Time: 06:30 Feelings- Positive. Action:Opening my eyes Temperature: 20 degrees celsius

So here I am, Saturday morning, finalising the arrangements and even though it wasn't exactly the first choice in mind, at least the day was still going to use and at least we still found a way to meet up again.

This time round I was heading to meet my friend alone. Yes, that meant catching the combie by myself. Okay, my cousin did drop me off by the combie rank but from then on I was like a baby turtle, finding my own way to the sea. I'm talking animal here, but it fits in with this post. 

Listening to the news and the local weather in the combie, they did mention it was one of the hottest days of the month. They were not wrong about that. Although I'm not complaining here! At least our little trip would be filled with sunshine and hopefully somewhat of a view. 

Back to me just getting off. 

Arcadia, do you remember this place? It still had the same vibe to it, the roads slightly different, the painted with cartoon jurra wall, I guess that was a creche if I remember correctly. However, the likes of TM and those other stores had changed. Unfortunately they aren't there anymore, just a few new ones with a SPAR opening soon.  My real problem was actually crossing the road. Erm, I'm not used to crossing wide roads, and the nearest robots (traffic lights) were quite a distant walk for my tiny legs. I mean they were some where I was but I'm not sure if they were ones a pedestrian can use to cross. So what did I do? Followed someone whose was trying to make the same move as me. Don't try this at home kids, follow your own instinct.  But yes, I made it across the road safely and just shortly, found my self in the comfort of my friend's house.

Visiting each other and going to each others houses, this was so us back in the day. It was like re-living that moment, only now,being adults. We made our way to the cab, that was waiting for us, and drove along through arcadia. The jacaranda trees were just greeting me every turn we took. There was even a change of soil, which was a bright burnt orange colour. A road journey of it's own. 

With Mukuvisi Woodlands being located in heart of Harare, it didn't take long until we arrived. The exact location is Hillside, so not too far from town. 

It was $5 dollars each to enter and children go free. Even though this wasn't anything compared to Hwange Game drive or Mana Pools, at least I would see a few game animals, besides something is better than nothing.
It felt very peaceful being there, away from the bustle of the town centre. Definitely a place where you could go on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon if shopping didn't take your fancy.

Being that it was the dry hot season, the grass was exactly how I'd pictured it to be. It gave off brown tones which also had a few glints of golden given by the sun light. This was like a nudge to me that I really was in Africa.

It did have it's fair share of greenery, especially a large patch of green grass in the shade. So this is quite helpful if you don't particularly want to stay in the sun for long. But for me, I needed to be sun kissed.

The two first sighting of wildlife, were in fact, the millions of tadpoles in the pond to the skull hanging on the tree of a wildebeest. But this isn't very unusual, seeing skulls and stuffed heads especially in game parks. 

2:00pm Feeding Time

Phew, we arrived on time. 

So there's a technique you use to call the animals to come and eat. That's whistling, but a certain type of whistle, more so on the higher pitched side. I'd fail if I'd try to whistle, but you can try by all means. You'd probably end up finding an elephant by your window when you wake up.

It's was amazing to see such coordination as they all marched in a single file. Although,I was a little confused why the Zebras and Giraffes took their time. Literally took their time. Maybe the menu wasn't looking great today.
 It was just the guinea fowls that were sprinting towards the food.  I guess because they are the small one's they have to be fast.

On the subject of birds.
We also walked into a Bird Park within the National Reserve. Mostly, parrots. I would have loved to see eagles and vautures, however this was only just a small bird park. 
However, there were lots of Love Birds around. Maybe Mukuvisi Woodlands is the new place to go on dates.

Crocodiles are dangerous.Do not disturb them. People found throwing objects in this area, will be asked to retrieve them.

Well who would want to be the next meal for the crocodiles. Certainly not me.
Although, seeing these crocodiles they didn't particularly look as big as I'd thought, they still had that glare. 'If you mess with me, then my teeth will mess with you.' I only wish these two crocodiles had a bigger space, maybe then, would they grow to a larger width. Would I be happy to get even closer? Maybe, not.

Our last stop was the horses. Although Dayna and I didn't ride the horses although we did back in Primary School, we had one little one not so up for it. It only lasted 10 seconds, but at least he experienced riding a horse, which I don't think he will remember when he gets older.

Even though, there was not much animals here, I did quite enjoy myself. Thanks to my company everything felt ten times more better. I know next time it will be somewhere further out of town. But for now, that was my small but sweet animal viewing.

What's your favourite animal?


Mukuvisi Woodlands ~ Hillside Harare

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Have a wonderful blessed day everyone. I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little and seeing Zimbabwe from my perspective so far. There are more Zimzygirl Diaries Posts and pictures to come during this week so be sure to visit my blog everyday.

Lots of kisses and hugs 

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