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'Stacey' are you ready? Your grandmother prayed exactly at 600 hours (6am) for our journey today.'
I think I could just about see my grandpa with what seemed to be a phone he was waving around. Most likely trying to emphasise what the time was.

Date 21/09/2017 Time: 06:45 Feelings-Amazed. Action: Walking Temperature: 17 degrees celsius

It was my cousin, grandpa and I making our way towards the combi rank. What was so picturesque about this walk, was the grey mist combined with a golden yellow haze presented by the sun rise. It wasn't cold but still that cool fresh blanket in the atmosphere allowed my bones to wake up.

I previously mentioned how early people usually wake up here. Having time to clean the house, bath, and have breakfast before making their way to work, school or town. Never late, and I could tell this,  as soon as I jumped into the combie. Despite the stares I got, I still felt super thrilled to be in one of these modes of transport again. For those from the Philippines, its so similar to your jeepney.

I love how compact yet snug these combis are with the added bonus of those old time favourites Tongai Moyo and Oliver Mtukudzi in the background. So, in terms of the fast moving combis, the constant dodging of the pot holes, and even beeping of horns, it was not a surprise as this was rush hour in Zimbabwe. The closer we got to town the more cars and combis there were. Taking that as a good thing, the engine of the combie, happened to go bust on us. Did I feel scared? No not at all. Everyone just got off, jumped into the next combie in the middle of the road and commenced with their journey as if nothing happened. Optimistic hey !

If I happened to convince you getting in one, I'm proud. Usually you pay 50 cents and you can give it as soon as you have sat down comfortably. No need for an oyster card! When you need to get off just knock on the window or say the name of the area, or say 'bus stop'.

Okay, so here's where it gets even more exciting. Walking into town was no different to getting into the combi, if you know what I mean, but I was solely distracted by the buildings. They still had that old country look to them.
Jacaranda trees were in bloom, and some of the flowers had already coated the ground.  Thanks to that cool air, the strong aromatic scent of the jacaranda flowers were carried along through the streets. It was then when I saw my gaze move to a familiar scene.

I had planned to meet one of my best friends here today. A little situation, occurred but with just a few prayers, she managed to come. Yes, I cried when I saw her and the fact we were reliving a moment we both had, made me feel like pausing time. My grandpa, found a place to sit and left us right to it.

It's been 12 years since I last remember walking through these gates. There I was, dressed with these buckle up leather shoes in the colour brown from Edgars. They were paired with white socks, a plain blue dress but just to add something to it sat a green badge engrave with my name and let's not forget the 'MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES' hat. Let me tell you, even when I ended up getting mustard on my hat, being the short girl I was and trying to get first hands on the apricots sweets by our tuck shop, I still made sure my hat was on. What an embarrassment, but I'd like to think that was a memory not to be forgotten.

Passing the school hall, I replayed the time where we all sat down, singing the National anthem both in Shona and English. I don't know but It did seem a little smaller to me, I think because I was way smaller then, so it would make sense for everything to appear on a bigger scale.

Walking past the high school into the primary schools quarters, we saw the tennis court. Now that did look big to me but in-between the wires gaps I could see the class rooms which I was eager to see. Grade 1 with Sister Perina. Thank goodness I've always cherished this school year book because who knew it came in handy today.

With a knock on the door, and a 'come in' we entered the classroom. Thank you Mrs Bobo. Dayna and I were specially greeted by the class and they had such sweet voices. I guess, I could only say I was getting used to the stares, ahaha, especially when we introduced ourselves to them and what we are doing now. It gave me a realisation of how much my class mates and I had grown up from trying to keep our colours in the lines to now working at a law firm or studying at university. You all know who you are.

Did I miss something, these stairs, the bathroom, seemed more on lower than usual. My grade two and three class were both upstairs. My grade 3 teacher was still there, Mrs Chigwada. I know most of the teachers had left or retired but at least seeing familiar faces made it worth while.

The play ground, it felt as if it was ours since all the children were in class. The swings still sat in the same place as they were overlooking the art room just across the lawn.

The big swimming pool and the baby pool were still there. During the swimming galas, this place used to fill up so much with both parents and their children ready to compete in the race. This is where I learnt to love the deep end.

You know, If I had a girl, I would definitely let her come to this school. Create her own memories here, right till graduation day.

Thank you Dominican Convent Girls School for allowing me to revisit memory lane. For giving me the first steps into education and for making me do the best that I can. To all my grade teachers, I still remember you even my piano teacher, I wish I continued playing the piano.
All my class mates, keep doing what you're doing, become successful and please remember memory lane.

Do you remember your first memory from primary school ?


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Have a wonderful blessed day everyone. I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little and seeing Zimbabwe from my perspective so far. There are more Zimzygirl Diaries Posts and pictures to come during this week so be sure to visit my blog everyday.

Lots of kisses and hugs 

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