nothing is permanent, just as seasons change”.

My little intro~
Keeping an open mind helps you get a better understanding of the world. Yes, there can be times where we might not like what’s going on or disagree with different traditions. However, we need to learn and agree with the fact that, each part of the world is different. There are people from different parts of the world who want you to understand more about them and their culture, travel and feel you can be part of them. We only need to remember, to respect each and every one and they will bring you into their world of colour, tradition, food and hidden places of treasure. So in today’s Discovering Us interview, we have Oscarine all the way from South Africa talking about #ShareTheCulture.

Let’s get to know you a little ~
 Molweni which is Hello in Xhosa my mother tongue, My name is Oscarine Mkize a Zulu girl from Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa.  I love everything that allows me to explore my creativity and push the boundaries of my imagination, which is probably why I do the most random topics on my Youtube channel lol.

How would you describe yourself in three words? 
Three words to describe myself would be Assertive, Passionate and Loyal.

You’ve lived in the UK as well as South Africa. Were there any big differences you found while living in the UK compared to South Africa?
 I feel as though now that I’m currently living in South Africa my views on the differences of both countries has evolved and perhaps I no longer see things the same anymore.


Moving onto #ShareTheCulture
 Having a platform where you can let the rest of the world view what you see has a good side and bad side to it. But of course we want to speak about the positives.

·      You’ve used YouTube as a platform to start #ShareTheCulture. Do you enjoy the idea of learning about different cultures as well as sharing your own?
I love learning about other people’s cultures, their background and stories. There is so much diversity to be explored in the world, I find culture so enriching but beyond that these are the simple things that I believe bring people together. Things like languages, we all get so delighted when someone attempts to learn your language or embraces your culture. Sharing these very intricate details of who we are may seem very small but we find ourselves discovering so many similarities with people from different corners of the world, which in the larger scheme of things brings us all to a place of simply understanding one another and finding some sort of common ground or if not just learning something new about the next person.    

·      Is there any other country you would love to visit and explore their culture?
 I don’t think I have a specific country but I do know that one of my dreams is to just travel and see other things, other beliefs, cultures and traditions beyond the bounds of my African continent.

You mentioned that you want to showcase Southern Africa because most people know about other parts of Africa.

·       What would you say stands out about Southern Africa or more so about South Africa?
 If you know nothing about South Africans I will tell you this much, everything revolves around music and dance , whether it be funerals, oppression, weddings , Lobola whatever is happening there is a beat involved and a braai (BBQ)  happening. We are very cultured and have strong traditions, Mzansi (SA) has apparently got no chill lol we have a ball of humour we did after all produce Trevor Noah. We have and still are battling many political, racial and economic issues yet we always stay Proudly South African.

From what I know South Africa 11 official languages as well as a variety of cultures, and from what I’ve gathered you speak Xhosa.

·      Do you find Xhosa to be similar to other South African languages?
 We apparently have 12 official languages with the addition of Sign language. I am Zulu but I speak Xhosa, Zulu and Xhosa are quite similar.  Ndebele is also pretty much a different version of Zulu so it’s not difficult to understand. Since being in Joburg I’m trying to learn Sesotho, I can understand somethings but can’t respond.

Are there any future projects within #ShareTheCulture that you’ll be working on?
 I would love to potentially globalise #ShareTheCulture and reach out to different countries and people of different cultural backgrounds around the globe and make a series that allows us all to #SeeTheCulture.


Traditional wear and your style~
 Seeing that many people hold their culture and traditions with them, wherever they may be or move to in the world, particularly their traditional wear, many of us take inspiration including fashion designers and modernise traditional attire.

·      Would you ever wear your traditional attire out on a normal day or would you prefer to modernise it and then step out the door? 
 I love my traditional clothes in their authentic manner, I wear my traditional clothes out without having to modernise them. However there is nothing wrong with altering anything to make it fit your personal style. You don’t need any occasion to wear them it’s really up to the individual.   

·      What would you say is your favourite piece of clothing or jewellery? 
 I love clothes but I think I’m a shoes, hats and glasses kinda girl.

Words is another form of expressing oneself, for example though poetry, song writing and stories.
Is there any ‘famous’ quote that stands out to you
I can’t think of anything but there are two things that I live by one being that “everything happens for a reason in Gods time”. I constantly remind myself whatever I’m going through in life that “nothing is permanent, just as seasons change”.

·      What does it mean to you?
     Well those two sentiments apply in everything I do in my life which is why I carry them with me. I suppose we question a lot of the things that happen to us in life and in knowing that I’m living within Gods plan for my life gives me reassurance. In knowing that everything we go through is a moment in my life and not life itself, helps us get through because just as seasons change that moment will change too.

And lastly~
You are given a chance to ask a question about anything. What will it be?
 As you have probably gathered I live a little outside of the box, so if I could ask anything my question would be 'What is beyond this life on earth?' 

Thank you from me to you~
Thank you for being part of my ‘Discovering Us’ feature and I’m very happy that you have accepted to feature on my blog even though we are currently miles away. I hope, you enjoyed answering and hope by doing this you are able to help inspire others by sharing part of you to them ~.


Discover You 

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