'Don't wait for anything or anyone hun'. Do the things you want to do as if tomorrow is your last day.'

Hello Zimzygirl Readers.
I was not sure how to begin this or where to put this particular post, however, I knew it had to be done. It's time to start a new chapter by sharing a little something I have discovered along my way. There ! I guess mentioning the word 'discovered' it already fits in with a purpose. So let's begin shall we? 

Okay... so, I'm finally 21 (hence the title of this post). And, naturally I would look forward to receiving an abundance of love and gifts from every person on my contact list (okay, maybe that's an exaggeration). 
21... is of course a well thought of age, so the pressure of making it glamours with high expectations, would have needed preparations way in advance to occur. That of course was not on my playing cards.

Instead, I opted for the option of just being spontaneous on the very day, even if it meant I would be with just one person or even by myself. 
I realise, at the end of the day, if you really want to be happy or make something happen, do something with out waiting for someone else to do it for you or with you. Yes, patience is a virtue but if you're like me and don't like waiting, consider that as a good thing!
 For those who are a little confused or for the most, concerned, the reason for this is because, we want to make sure we do something just incase tomorrow is our last day. HMMM, maybe thats just how a pessimistic person thinks?

I'll give you an recent example.
'A few weeks before my birthday I found myself asking people I knew, if they wanted to go with me somewhere, and my replies were 'unfortunately no'. Yes, I understand people may not have the money or time off particularly as it was so last minute which clearly indicates there was a lot of pressure preparing something. 
So, after the disappointment, I thought why not just go where I won't feel alone. I found my self boarding the aeroplane on my birthday, by myself, ready to step foot onto the soil of my birth ekhaya.'

Doing so made me feel, I should take every opportunity I have to see the world to be the world and to create a world- where I lead my own happiness. Money shouldn't stop me from enabling my dreams to role through.

You see, it's those spontaneous moments which make you realise life is about discovering your ultimate journey against the norm. Life begins to have meaning, and if you find yourself only to be the one who understands it then thats perfectly alright. It's good to be different.  

Everyone's priorities differ especially when you start reaching your 20s (so the things you used to do 5 years ago may all be pushed behind). People work, people take on new responsibilities and people tend to minimise their social circle in order to balance out their busy lives. But heck to the busy lives.

For those who are spontaneous, dislike the thought of waiting or just are different...
the person who you are and not the person who society make you be.

So... What would you do if tomorrow was 
the last day?

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