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Paris. A city for those romantic characters, the tall monuments that make me look even shorter and the well known croissants. Had I made my self comfortable for one more day or lets just say, a couple of days, I'm sure I too would be saying Je t'aime ! Je t'aime ! Je t'aime !

To be brutally honest with you, one day felt as if everything was rushed. So in terms of a detailed insight, I can't exactly give it to you. However, in terms of making that first time visit especially if mom or dad isn't there to actually be the itinerary organisers for you, than I'd say its a good way to start off your travelling journey and one way or another I will make sure to convince you to visit.
Whether its with your school friends, travelling buddies, (my sister and Luke came with me on this trip) or solo travel it always a great bridge to connect you with the world of travelling.

One day, gives you that challenge ! 
A challenge to see whether you can make your way out of the airport, find your hotel/hostel (if booked) and then make time to explore the main points of the city all within 24 hours. It's also the tipping point of whether you've really become that independent person you've always seemed to be.

If you're a little last minute.com like me, then maybe try to make sure you at least know there is more than one way of getting from the airport to your destinations, so maybe clarify with your hotel that they offer a shuttle because some airports can really be based in a remote area that only offer a bus as a way to get there or else you may have to fork out quite a bit of money for a taxi or walk, which is fine if you're into hiking.

I must say it's also pretty good if everything is pretty much in the city centre, so all the tourist attractions, the highly talked about restaurants from travelling food junkies (take this as a compliment) to information desks.

For me personally, the metro was very difficult to get my head around. London may be similar but maybe because I had wanted to quickly get to one point to another, I didn't take time to digest the signs nor the structure of the metro. However, for those who end up in the same boat, there are usually the station operators there to help and usually in places with a high number of tourists, English is somewhat spoken to a degree that will get you to your stop.

If you have network coverage then you can rely on google maps or previously downloaded an offline map that will be able to help. However, my suggestion especially if you don't want to miss a thing, if interact with the locals when in need of help. You'll learn quicker ~

Our first stop was the Muse D'Louvre. It's amazing, especially if you come through up from the metro. The station is quite grand and the little boutiques placed on each side are in sync with the architecture and the writing on the walls. Little did I know this was a former royal palace, no wonder the entrance to the museum was an entrance to art. 

Abstract is how I would describe the 3D art. The Glass Pyramids. 
 I had not known there were two, I only usually saw the outside one, yet this was was more eye capturing to me, you could see the outside, almost like the light at the end of the tunnel and it was hanging around upside down to stop everyone walking past without a picture to take home.

From the outside there to was it's brother and from a distance the next point of attraction. Arc de Triomphe and the Tour de Eiffel. Every monument was placed with in equal distances from each other as if to say don't worry you will see me to. 

But if you're like me, use this day to land mark your places you really want to explore in detail, see if its really a city you admire and want to come back to learn about the people the culture and the language. 

So we made our way and got lost a few times which is always good, through the directions of these monuments. We even made it to a little march which was a cultural dress/showcase march. I managed to catch that on video for you. So do have a look out for it on YouTube.

It had rained but at least that nor the cold didn't particularly bother me too much.  There was quite a bit of walking to be done, but luckily enough I found no challenges in terms of tackling any hills. Thats one thing to mention, most of the ground was flat ! Phew, its safe to say wearing heels wasn't such a bad idea. 

For those of you wondering what hotel we managed to catch a few winks by, it was of close proximity to the airport (Charles de Gaulle) and also offered a shuttle bus service. 
Here's the link to it ~ 

So lastly I'd like to say, explore anywhere you want. There is no one to stop you. Take time to catch a glimpse of everything you can so you too can take home a story to tell.

I'll be back to France again soon. Maybe the South next time round.
Merci et au revoir Paris ~

What city have you seen and discovered in just 24 hours?


Paris ~ France

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