'Rome has not seen a modern building in more than half a century. It is a city frozen in time.'
~Richard Meier~


Welcome back to a new travel diary. Italy, you're defiantly something to write home about.
I found out what I was and am capable of achieving. Discovering and facing challenges abroad and not knowing much.

Oh and the most important thing to it. Doing it all alone. Yes you guessed.
Solo Travel

I loved it.

 I made friends right from the get go and I felt so much fulfilment in this. You all know who you are, and thank you so much.

It had just snowed, and after a busy schedule, it came down to transporting myself down to the airport. Ah, the coach, that was a whole story in itself. Delayed. Yet I still stood there. Cold. A composed face on. Optimistic. My coach was going to come.
  It was two hours or so late, I was still pleased, because there were others on their solo travels which only made them face a cancelled or delayed coach.

Phew, I had just made it to the airport and again, the edge was taken away from me, my flight was not cancelled. Thank goodness. Super early in the morning, while everyone else was tucked up in bed, probably turning over into their next dream, I had this little story to deal with. Yet again, I was on the aeroplane, and ready to take off. 

I get so excited when it's take off time. I look through the window reflection, but this time a view at a different angle, and setting. It takes me back to the days of staring out my bedroom window wishing that was me in the aeroplane passing by. Travel was defiantly something I wanted to discover and to have waited this long, I had to appreciate every single moment.

I won't lie, about being nervous but sometimes in those given situations, you have to be confident. Straight out the airport to the coach I had put on the face of 'I know what Im doing, I know where I'm going and I know what I'm saying'. It certainly worked as I found myself sitting on the coach admiring the landscape. Roma, Zimzygirl has arrived.

I felt as if I was meant to explore this city, it greeted me with a light kiss on the cheek. Almost to say welcome back. The weather was just about right, considering it was December, so the warmth made it first impressions of great hospitality.

Okay, It wasn't so much roses and chocolates, when I got off the coach. 

I was a little hungry and I had turned to that well know fast food restaurant. McDonalds. Two words... Never again.
 It was so much dearer to what I was used to paying. I felt as if I was made to order something which I didn't particularly want. Maybe because of the language barrier and my mind was just set out on food. So this was just something I had to consider a lesson learnt.

My hotel had luckily been a little closer to the station so in case of any unexpected new journeys or places to explore I could just hop onto the metro or catch a bus. It was of course a busy area especially with vendors around every corner. 

Oh and the roads.
 Crossing the roads, were of course like crossing bumper, cars, they were so close to each other. I guess peak hours makes the reason valid. I can honestly say, I was back in the city centre of London but with drivers who reminded me of Zimbabwe. My note to you, just check twice before you cross.

The buildings were more straight angled. Unlike some architecture in the UK where buildings and houses have a certain shape with details of a curve here and a twist there. You know, the spiral church towers. I guess for here, it allowed me to focus on my surroundings and what was going on in front of me.

My hotel. 

The entrance was through some wooden double doors. Much more taller than me, probably the size of Buckingham Palace door entrances. Not that I've been inside. 
They had an old look to it, but as I walked in I got a real sense of Southern Mediterranean feel. The court yard. Surrounded by a display of greenery and a pond with golden fish. Oranges hanging ready to be picked in the trees. And the outside of the building. You could tell with the cracks it was old yet it still had character and new life right in the hear of it.

The windows were of course big, almost like balcony windows with wooden slates. I'd imagine myself every mornings soon as the sun washes its rays on my to open them both, and sing my heart out. Or in reality just dust the mat. 

So really in truly my hotel felt more like I was staying in an actual residential estate. 

I guess that is my main goal really, to experience the local side of countries more than always living and staying in pure luxury. Not that I'm against it, by all means, if you're ready to send me somewhere in the Caribbean with a yacht right in front of me, I'd gladly say yes, for the experience.

Live to experience.

Where was your favourite hotel experience ?


Rome ~Italy

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Have a wonderful blessed day everyone. I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little and seeing Italy from my perspective so far. There are more Zimzygirl Diaries Posts and pictures to come during this week so be sure to visit my blog everyday.

Lots of kisses and hugs 

P.S don't forget to comment below your answer or any experience you'd like to share from abroad.

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