'Make a statement by not blending in' 



Even if I had just one day to explore the city Paris, I had one day to place my mark, to make a statement and of course to find and  incorporate an outfit which would show I'm most defiantly made for style.

Funny enough, this so called outfit isn't actually designed to be worn like this. This pink 'dress' is in fact a skirt.

When it comes to clothes, I tend to think beyond it's one use, I tend to move into DIY mode and maybe other useful ways to use this item. (Maybe like a pillow or a converting scarf). So, when I purchase or make outfits I always make sure it  will serve me more than one purpose.

To tell you the honest truth, this skirt was just too long and didn't shape me well. Most likely because of the loose fits and the style of the pleats. A bit on the flat side of town.
It had only been worn once prior to this day. I always considered giving it away but because I had fallen in love with this baby pink colour and the material I just couldn't let it out of my sight.
 Let me know if you're the same? Don't worry we are not classed as hoarders.

Usually fitted skirts would work well if it was turned into a sleeveless dress. It would still squeeze its way through the shape of your upper body right to the T. Skirts which are made to be more airy and flowy came with a little disadvantage, it would want to do its own thing.

Fortunately to tame this, it just needs a belt. Lace belts work very well together with the flow dresses and when you tie it the end parts won't stay in the same place, it would glide together with the other half of the dress. Just to give you an example, the leather belts sometimes don't come with another loop and therefore if you have part of it sticking out it just stays there compared to one made of a light flowing material.

Ah and the pink jacket I always come back to. So chic and defiantly can bring a casual outfit more to a I'm ready to through me whatever event you have. For now lets just think about dinners, night out or just a sit and lounge and let people admire you event.

What is your favourite way to dress when going abroad?


Skirt ~ BHS
Pink Duster Coat ~ New Look
Heels ~ Primark
Trainers ~ Primark
Sunglasses ~ Thailand


Nikon D3200

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. Continue to comment below, because I get so happy whenever I receive one and you guys keep me motivated.Until tomorrow.
 Lots of kisses and hugs
P.S I just realised I'm not wearing my favourite accessories... earrings...ah well, i guess the rest of the outfit is a distraction from the ears.

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