'Being spontaneous gives you a story to tell especially through  travelling.' 
Welcome back to a new post this week. Before I showcase my next blog posts on my travels, I wanted to do a separate post on travelling solo. 

I'm so happy that I had received so many messages with people being inspired to just go out there and explore beyond their phone. Literally, stop right now, stop imagining your self in that picture next to the Eiffel tower and go physically see it. 

Yes, I know, I might not be an experienced person in this field. But, while I still have the memories fresh in my mind, I thought why not give you my first impressions and advice I've accumulated from it.

I've come up with 3 suggestions and like an essay a conclusion for you to hopefully sway your way to  be spontaneous and just got for it. I first was nervous and also had put quite a shock to those close to me, you know who you are. However, after realising, part of our life is about growing, whoosh, I was out and away. 

~A Love for Language~

Have a passion for the place you're visiting including the people, the culture and history. 

I'm not saying spend your money on lessons or hours of research. I know you'll be too busy wondering what to pack and how to pack. 

On the run up, take the time to read and learn a few phrases a day to help you get by. My suggestion is always look at topics which will benefit you during your time there. Examples including Greetings and Travel Phrases . Oh ! Food (can't forget about that or you'll end up starving).  

This gives you help with how to first approach someone, ask for directions and of course if you're ever in danger, call for help. What I noticed from one trip is when I had asked for a direction to the train station, I was told with hand gestures which also helped a lot to understand what they were saying. Go on, don't be shy to practise what you've learnt.

Ah and usually I found in the tourist areas, there are usually vendors around. So Luckily I had learnt the phrase.  'Grazie, no sane intressata', which simply means, 'Thank you, no I'm not interested'
Helped a lot. Especially if you don't feel comfortable talking, its a great phrase to use. Makes you seem like you're just a local who sees this everyday.

I use Duolingo which can be accessed both on my laptop or if you travel light, you can download it from the App store. Oh, and its free ! 

~Time to Talk Safety~

I hardly look at the map when I'm out and about. I would do if I'm with someone but just being alone its a target. Especially if you look really lost and in distress. Yes some people, I've had approach me have been helpful but sometimes you got to be careful. You don't want to be looking at the map and then finding your way guided to an area which looks a little or a lot dodgy. 

If you can, and this may save you time too, revise the map or at least the route of your destination. Allow room to get lost and make sure if you do decide to get lost theres a way or road that will lead you back to familiar grounds.  Or download a map which doesn't require using data or wifi. 
I use MAPS.ME !

One suggestion I found if you don't want to stand out like a tourist is grab a newspaper especially if that country you're visiting speaks a different language. For those who are in love with  learning languages this is a good chance for you to test your knowledge. And hey if you're not to comfortable taking your phone out on the underground (where theres no visuals of the outdoors) you can have something to look at. 

Just keep your family back home updated of your whereabouts.

~Just Go Out There and Enjoy Yourself~ 

 Use travelling as a way to get to know your purpose. I love it because I enjoy controlling my own time. I can spend one hour looking at the same object where as others tagging along might want a change of scene after just a minute of looking at it. You can build connections with the locals if you're quite a social person. Wow I didn't know I was . With this, I had forgotten I was alone, the time went all because I enjoyed myself.

I love to meet and make friends with people from around the world. I feel it's more beneficial for me because, lets face it, when I decide to make that spontaneous visit, I'll be able to experience and live the local way. Woo saving money on paying those high tourist prices that you find in congested areas and of course those secret hide outs. 

Lastly from me to you, always be vigilant. and be open to learning something new. 
There's going to be times where you would have spent more than you should have (carry emergency money just for that) and times where you could have booked your hotel or hostel closer or further away from there crowded places. I'll tell you this. We all learn from our mistakes and are still discovering ourselves. Grab your selfie stick, camera and get a snap of your travels. Just make sure to look where you're going.
'You have a story to tell.'
Have you ever solo travelled before?

Hope you have a wonderful blessed day.
Lots of kisses and hugs 

To see the visuals OF MY TRAVELS, keep up to date on my YouTube videos here.

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