~ Speak everything into Existence ~

We have made it to the big 18.

3 taps on your back or if you really want to, go ahead and pop that champaign bottle hidden under your sink.  

I know, New Years was quite a few days ago, but hey we all entitled to have a celebration even if it means just alone with you readers.

2017 ended on such an amazing positive note and even though I wasn't in any country when it came to the last 10 seconds of 2017 I know I was just full of joy. (Flying over the ocean)


I got the chance to take the first steps into solo travelling which I was so nervous about beforehand and got some of you inspired to after giving the thumbs up. I got to meet up with new and old time school friends from around the world. I also developed my purpose in life so that 2018 I'm ready to hit it up to you all. 

It's defiantly got me ready to share with you all my journey and also help you develop yours.

This year I'm living up to the motto of 'No Regrets' and 'Speaking It Into Existence'. A bit of spiciness and Fire. 

As a special celebration I bring to a series of blog posts this week, from beginnings of learning Japanese, to a travelling blog post to a fashion blog post. Yes back to back blog posts which Im excited about.

So lastly, I just want to say, best wishes to the new year, whether you have set goals, new years resolutions or just want to live life better than yesterday, enjoy it and make each day count. 

We can do this 

Onto the dress.
I made this dress quite a while ago and only have worn it out twice (second time for photos).

Features a lovely bit of sexiness from the body hugging fit to the side slit. Of course it's a statement especially if you're looking to catch an eye or two. You could be looking at a winter bae with this one.

Of course if I'd pack the killer heels with me and worn it out, I think you'd be able to see the full potential of this dress. 

But for featuring in the State texas I guess these boots fit perfectly well.

What are you looking forward to in 2018?


Dress ~Zimzygirl Designs
Boots ~ Top Shop
Smile ~ Me


Nikon D3200

Hope you have a wonderful blessed day.
Lots of kisses and hugs 

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