I drew the draped curtains to either side, lifted the blinds, though some had been slightly disconnected so those ones had to be turned manually. That's when the glint of light decided to leap in and fill up the room. Good morning.

Outside was a view of the Italian architecture, though cracks were prevalent on the walls, it still had a sense of placement.Every line, show cased the age of the building and the age of this city.  History not to be missed here.

It wasn't so bad, the outdoor sounds. You could here a slight conversation happening from outside, the sounds of the 9 am start and of course the small splashes from the gold fish. Oh there was a fountain too.

As for me I had a job to do.I had to get ready and discover my way to the Vatican City.

I stepped out, with my 'I know what I'm doing face' and made my way to Central station. On the way I picked up a 24 hour metro ticket for roughly €7 from the corner shop. In italy it's known as a Tobacco store. 

It's roughly the same in London. Not too bad. You see if you understand London Victoria train station or Grand Central Station in Birmingham, then you're pretty much set for the Italian station. Okay so I did ask how to get to the platform but that was all the help I needed.

Being that is was during the week at office hours, the station still had its buzz. You could say expects from all corners of the world were filling the space for the working commuters. 

The journey took about 15 or so minutes and I was out and onto the pavements of Vatican City. I made sure to study the route before hand. It was only a two turn and follow the crowd route. Easy hey !  Even from a little bit of a distance the top of the St Peters Basilica could be seen. So I know they say don't follow the crowd everytime, but even that was a helpful mark to show, I was going in the right direction.

My first thoughts as I approached was, this looks a little as if I'm going into a football stadium.
I discovered that there are weekly events and one called Papal Audience. The Pope comes out to share blessings and prayers with the audience. So tickets are needed and of course security is always ready for any unexpected turns.

The surroundings as I entered, was almost as if the Square was about to hug me with St Peters Basilica in the front like the face. In the centre, the Nativity was placed. So again, it felt like I was inclusive in the current occasion. That is exactly the vibes I was getting from the moment I stepped into Italy. 
You are welcome.

Everyone seemed to be taking pictures, selfies and even more using their selfie sticks. I felt a little less embarrassed to take it out and get a few snaps. Yay!!!

Away from St Peters Square, I took a stroll. I didn't mind where the road would take me, I just wanted to discover more. Despite the clouds gathering and a few light showers, I felt the pace come to a halt. I managed to have parts of the road to myself. I got to take in the scenery more.

 What could possibly emphasise the point I was not from Italy. Gelato in Winter ! Hey, it was melting so the temperatures were alright. This is the greatness of just taking those strolls because the further you go, the less you end up paying for the tourist prices of food. Yum and cheap.

You see, travelling alone makes you just do things you thought you would never do. It puts you in a place where you're in control.  For me personally, I like that, considering I am always the one in a group who just lets someone else take the lead. It gives you time to discover things in detail and just take a step back because no one else is judging you. So relax, you got this.

 Dov'e a restorante ?

Dinner time was just a take out from the local restaurant. Of course I had to pick up another dish that represented Italy. This was of course pasta. The waiter was so lovely and made me feel comfortable while waiting for it to be cooked and ready to be devoured. I tried to order in Italian so that was a challenge I ticked of as done and dusted. The pasta was a little more chewy, but that's exactly how it is made in Italy. I was told they don't boil it for too long. I guess the more chewy it is the more your jaw has to work out. But I was more than alright with that. Stronger jaw line for me.

Have you tried Gelato in the Winter ?

Look out for Part 3 coming up this week because I can't wait to tell you the rest of my adventures in Italy. It has to be a country I will return to more than twice. Always great things to discover and people to meet. Who knows, I might just learn the language and be your little guide.


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Have a wonderful blessed day everyone. I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little and seeing Italy from my perspective so far. There are more Zimzygirl Diaries Posts and pictures to come during this week so be sure to visit my blog everyday.

Lots of kisses and hugs 

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  1. Wow, lovely pics. Well done. Loved reading and seeing Italy come alive through the print.



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