It started off as a cool day. The air was fresh and the clouds drifted shyly giving way to the sun.
I was so eager to see this building with my own eyes. I honestly thought, my trip would not be completed till it was a finger touch away. 

I had almost lost the patience to wait for the cars to pass by so I could cross. You see, in Italy (I'm only speaking from my experience), cars and pedestrians are totally blinded by each other. You, as a pedestrian must take ownership of the road especially when you're standing ready to cross.

I weaved in and out of the quiet roads until I got to some greenery. A park with a path leading down to history. The more I wandered through the path, the more the picture became reality. There it was, right at the centre of attraction. I stood metres away, and for a minute or two, looked around bewildered by the sheer sight of art. Is this really what the locals walk pass everyday. Sono stupito ! (Doesn't actually means 'it's stupid)

I am not lying when I say, the sun came out straight away, highlighting the ancient monument. For me, as soon as the sun came out it instantly brought a smile on my face and of course a chance to take quite a few photos. Thank you to Minh if you're reading this.

Just behind the Colosseum there seemed to be a lot going on, from guided tours to taking pictures with those dressed in Roman uniform and those waiting to get some ice cream from the van. Its amazing to see that this ancient city still moved on like a time-lapse through the years. 

I took things at my own pace, it was a solo trip of course, but I also did make a few friends along the way.

I made my way deeper into the heart of Rome. Little did I know, I would come across another point of interest. Piazza Venezia. The articture led me to believe it was a grand standing building, almost pure white highlighting it's importance.  On each side stood the Italian flags, a statue at the centre a statue guarded by the wrought iron gates. The road seemed to circle around it, so that each driver driving past would not forget their view anytime soon.

The streets become more narrower, that indicated I began stepping foot into the city centre, with restaurants and designer stores watching by to see if I would take a peek into their alluring collection. Greeting me however on the other end of the road was more of a nest. Not in a bad way but, a place crowded by tourists showcasing their Colgate smiles, selfies sticks and partners. Oh okay lets not forget what they were taking a picture of the Trevi Fountain.

To get a picture with just me in it proved to be virtually impossible. That in itself proved how amazed people were to be starring at the crystal clear water that reflected a picture upon the surface of the art paved across the building.

Spanish Steps
Built in the 1700's and named the Spanish Steps in an Italian city. Strange to those from afar but maybe not so strange for those living in Rome. I was led up these steps with my friend to a hidden spot much higher in the city. I'll let you discover this place, but I'll leave you a hint, turn left and keep walking.

The view of the city was amazing despite the chilly breezes that came along. I thank Veronica for this, had I not known I wouldn't have made it to see the start of the sunset. Looking ahead you could see a light mist but not too much to disguise the Vatican city's location and the suburbs of Rome.

It was just about the last location on the list, but one where less talking was done and more observing and just taking in the paintings  above. In fact, to my observing, this wasn't a museum, it was a working church which people came in to pray and be one with peace. That explained the signs which mentioned to remain silent.The only sound that echoed into the room was the song resonating from an Opera singer and the footsteps of the observers. 

I literally saw most sites this day. I didn't feel that exhausted because I was so immersed in the beauty that surrounded me. 
Even reading this post now, I feel like I could go back to the same places in Rome and discover something new, or more so something ancient.

Hopefully you enjoyed being lost in the description of this city and maybe I've given you a little nudge or two to visit Rome. Let me know if you do and the places you visit.

Would you sing Opera in the middle of a foreign city ?


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Have a wonderful blessed day everyone. I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little and seeing Italy from my perspective so far. There are more Zimzygirl Diaries Posts and pictures to come during this week so be sure to visit my blog everyday.

Lots of kisses and hugs 

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