'Be part of a movement that empowers young girls to be phenomenal woman.
Bold Creative Authentic'
~Our Voice Africa~
Hello and welcome to Discovering Us.
I couldn't miss this one out.  It's Zimbabwe's Independence Day and of course the launch of Our Voice Africa. 

I had a chance to be part of this campaign which has just grown from being a seed to now budding. I can't wait to see it blossom through the year especially with the evolvement  it will have with not just those here in the UK but also in Zimbabwe.

~Food For Thought~

With me, Zimbabwe is close to my heart and therefore in any way of form I can uplift it or even the name to reach out to one or two people, I will go for it. However, I am selective with who I want to be able to share with you or work with. I defiantly know this campaign will be one I shall continue to support.

Like for many of us, the country we were born in, is our foundation. Without a foundation, we can not build anything. We may be unstable which can be seen, where people may begin to loose their identity and or forget where we started. With Zimbabwe being my foundation I have been able to live and explore other grounds which greet me with different ways they live and how they create their identity. There's a world I have recently heard quite often and that is 'diaspora' it's still new to me but I can see many people are using it because they want to show people that they too have a identity that they are trying to hold onto whilst making a new start or continuing to live in a different area.

My message to those is continue to build upon your foundation, remember where you first started but, also be able to transition into adapting yourself whilst showcasing where you come from. You don't have to always wear the flag every day but having that thought once in a while, or even when you receive achievements remember, without your foundation, without where you started, your new base, your current achievements may not have be open to you. 

Okay so this isn't exactly going to be all about me nor a lecture but more so about what is Our Voice Africa and ways you can get involved. 

~The Beginning ~

Patricia Ncube, the founder of Our Voice Africa, set it to be a 'social enterprise project that seeks to empower inspire and young girls in schools throughout Africa'. So already there is a base on who it is for and why it is there.

'Our.Voice.Africa empowers young school girls throughout Africa to be empowered, equipped and transformed through creative writing. We inspire a generation of African youths to be creative, bold and relentlessly authentic in sharing their own truth'.

In terms of the launch theme, which is in black and white, its something different and allows you to imagine the colour that will be created by the young women who this is aimed for. It has started off as a social media campaign and later will have hand in hand experiences and events which will allow you to see more of a bigger picture about Our Voice Africa. 

To be part of a group campaign, you can take part by following Our Voice Africa on social media. The smaller steps add up together to create of stepping stone for those to follow. Lets support each other and create a world of empowerment. 


No matter what you are doing today, make sure to enjoy yourself. Those born in Zimbabwe, and those around the world, create a world which you would love to see and the next generation to take on with a grateful heart.

Zimbabwe has the chance to grow, and be a hub of creatives both young and old. 
With currently more than half the population being under 21 years old, and fresh minds and ideas bursting through, it will be a chance to show the world, we are more than what has been shown in previous years. We can paint a picture which can become reality that we are a colourful nation.

Happy Independence Day from Our Voice Africa and Zimzygirl 


Discover You 

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