'The American Dream is a term that is often used but also often misunderstood. It isn't really about becoming rich or famous. It is about things much simpler and more fundamental than that.'
~Marco Rubio~

I've always heard this expression of 'Living The American Dream'. The big houses, the big cars... Oh and not forgetting the big food portions.

Was it all true? Yes, everything was so big in my eyes, and to be staying in Dallas Texas, almost every other city we drove through seemed to bring out different feelings both in weather and vibes. I literally could write a book about 'Everything feels Big in the US', but I've set my self a challenge and decided to keep it to two blog posts. 

Although I very much loved my visit, and would love to explore other States within the US, maybe that route 66 road trip... maybe.

 I want to continue exploring other continents, countries, and areas of the World. The US isn't just the only place where everything is big. Big can also mean big in population, deserts or traditions and beliefs. Ahaha but that's for future Zimzygirl Diaries posts.

What's it actually like ?
Texas. The second largest State in USA covering an area of 695,662 km² means, to get to point A to point B you'll need a car. We visited my uncle who lived in the suburbs (Dallas Fort Worth). It wasn't like your London where a corner shop was available within pyjama walking distance. I'm guessing you already know that !

The area which we stayed, was known as tuck din a village of houses. I always thought when looking at houses to buy or rent (just window shopping in different countries) in America and countries like Australia, each house had a swimming pool. But after seeing the resendentil areas in the States, it made sense that the swimming pool area which looked child friendly and always the same for each house was of course the community swimming pool. I loved the thought of taking walks  because it gave a chance to see more. Up close and despite the houses being big, it was still better being outside seeing it all.

Likewise with the community pool, the post boxes were not located in each house. We could take a walk to them but during the colder days, driving was the best option. I guess it makes it easier for the post delivery to put everything in one area hey ? That's just my opinion. 

It was interesting seeing most of the houses decorated with Christmas lights, big decorations. Christmas definitely was one to celebrate in America. Fake snow, booty shaking santa clause and reindeers looking as if they were escaping from the garden but that was the work of the lights.

It interesting because looking at it now, I was used to fitting Christmas with snow and bitterly cold weather. Although the golden colours as if it was still Autumn gave a new look to Christmas. Not everyone experiences snow during Christmas. Different countries have  different seasons are different times of the year!

The theme for everyday was visit a new restaurant day. Am I complaining ? No ! Who doesn't love food ? By the time It came to the last meal during our stay,  (buffet) I pretty much trained myself to stack in the food. Yep, I chucked out the thought of even knowing what a weighing scale was.

From Southern Fried Chicken with the sweet home made bread rolls to the Marachi band at the Mexican Restaurant, it was literally a taste of Texas. 

One thing that shouldn't have shocked me was the options in stores such as Walmart and restaurants. The pizzas could almost cover half the size of a six person dinner table.Ah but thinking about it now, I'm so in need of pizza. You too hey ?

I remember getting so happy to see a Target and for my sister, Walmart. Again, big stores, which I constantly heard of when watching YouTube videos. 

Okay, so they are a bit like your B&M or Tesco. We went late night grocery shopping most of the time and it worked well. I think its a good idea, especially for those who work until late at night or finish early hours of the morning. But if it was me I would just go straight home. A bit like what happened when we planned a 3 am visit. I went to bed and never saw that hour hit me, only my sister experienced that un heard of hour of shopping.

In terms of shopping malls, outdoor malls were common. What I liked, was the flag was present as soon as you came into the complex. That noted, Americans are patriotic when it comes to the flag.

As mentioned, the weather did change within different cities. I remember arriving it was a cool temperature, though at night and in the middle of December. I always had the thought that Texas was hot all year round.

I remember wanting to visit a Canyon. There was the Paulo Duro Canyon and the Big Bend national Park. Completely in the opposite directions, and more than six hours drive away. Ah but that didn't bother me too much. It was the hearing that it snowed and driving there in ice was not a good idea. So to head slightly up North to the Pan Handle as they say, would result in a stand still. I won't let this stop me from visiting a Canyon once in my life though. It will happen ! I still have a picture in mind to capture. #DoItForTheGram

 Visiting down south the weather changed completely. Sunny, warmer, blue sky, okay let's just say Perfect. Although it gave me the thought of Texas and The UK were cousins. You know, with the weather constantly changing. 

Despite it all, I enjoyed my stay, at least it's something to tick off the bucket list. 

Visiting America ! 

Have you been to America ?

Look out for my next blog post which is almost a hidden gem that I'm willing to share with you. Different from other top places to visit in California, or New York. Some things that I found sat comfortably in the State of Texas. Or more so.


Texas ~America

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Have a lovely day and I shall look forward to seeing you in my next post.

Stay Sweet 


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