'Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth. So let's all go exploring.'
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Hello wonderful readers and thank you for returning to my blog.
I'm constantly looking for places to travel and visit. My ultimate goal is to discover every continent, but I'll practise taking it nice and steady. Just joking, you know what, I just go when ever my buzz hits me, and thats like every day.

When I get in the zone of travelling, I make sure to do some small research here and there, even if the place receives more global trotters than the citizens living there. Travelling alone or with people I try and make it smooth and easy to get to. However, sometimes that research doesn't go accordingly and sometimes it may divert.
Two places I didn't think I would visit or enjoy was San Antonio and Dallas Texas. But I was sure proved wrong when I got to these two places.  Both symbolising what Texas is about, both in history and culture.
Okay, let me go more in depth here.

Date 23/12/2017 Time 11:00 Feelings - Anxious, Happy and Ready for it. Action : Driving
Temperature : 16 degrees celsius

San Antonio.
Previously in my part one to this American travel diary I mentioned wanting to visit Paulo Duro Canyon. However, due to bad weather conditions, that didn't exactly happen. Instead, last minute, we turned to a six hour journey towards South of Texas. San Antonio. Luckily accommodation was sorted, all we needed was to make ourselves present.
From Fort Worth to San Antonio, there were cities we drove through and of course the more into the drive the more warmer the weather got.
The roads stretched on with the occasional loops and hoops and of course a reminder that I was in America.

Once we had arrived and greeted family, my sister and I were in no time back into the car. Located in the local community and filled with two large hills was a park for both dog lovers and energetic children to let there freedom hit its peak. Talking about the peak, the hills would allow you to see beyond the park. Honestly speaking, the city was big but had it's own unique selling point about it. The colours were neutral and brought about a glint of history especially with the rustic feel. I got so excited knowing the Mexican boarder was not too far, even with the train passing by that was going directly towards Mexico.

Dinner time saw us visiting a Pizza house, although it slightly away from downtown San Antonio, it proved to be a popular spot. You'd obviously need a car to get to this place.
Sitting down and waiting for our food, all I could think of, was this is most likely an everyday or weekly spot for many Texans with families. I mean, who doesn't like food ? Pizza to be exact. My eyes dropped at the size of some pizzas being ordered. Bigger than the ones in Walmart. I'm surprised the waiters were able to carry them. Free gym for them ! We ordered enough to have left overs and milkshakes to go down with the pizza. I guess that was us filled for today and tomorrow.

Returning home, and having a chance to get to know members of the family, I had quite an interest in learning about my uncles mom's past. She created a moving picture in my mind of New Orleans, her family tree and her hip and young self. She was so lively. It showed me that there are people out there  waiting for people to hear their unique stories and know that even if the days are numbered, living through them and telling someone of their past creates a legacy. Or just someone remember them and their journey. Thats how I'd like to grow up and have someone new, someone willing to listen to my stories.

Morning !
Why is it, everytime I visit a country, McDonalds always seems to happen? I remember correctly having a bad experience in Italy and from there, I just continued going. Do I not learn ?... Never mind hey.
McDonalds breakfast was on todays cards, with a 'Egg Mac Muffin' for starters followed by American pancakes drizzled with syrup. YUM !  I'll admit it was filling as well as the drive into the city. The buildings became taller but the city had a calm feel to it. Not like London.

Once parked, we walked into the hub of where history made its marks. First stop, the Alamo Mission. I had learnt that Texas was once part of Mexico and the civil war took a turn in the Texas revolution.
What I enjoyed was watching the historical documentary and knowing I had just stepped onto reality. Imagine, back then, there were people protecting this sitting and here, and today, the same thing is still being done, with preserving the place, but no one is thinking about going into war with one another... I hope I'm correct here...

This area wasn't so much busy in terms of tourists so getting a good spot to take a picture didn't take too much hassle and even walking to the next area, there wasn't any, oh you're in my way or oh let me  walk on the other side. Entering San Antonio River walk was just about the same. Oh wow did I feel as if I was somewhere tropical. Even when you enter from indoors first, you find that there are indoor water fountains and palm trees all around. 

Our activities here consisted of walking around admiring the colourful umbrellas by one restaurant. Oh and of course, what i didn't expect until we literally got to the area, was a boat ride on the river. Thank goodness it was sunny... but I must say, that was also a plus for the pigeons who so happily joined us most of the time across the river. From the sitting down on the boat everything seemed so much taller, the buildings wow, literally as if they were shielding me from the rest of the world. However, it didn't feel as if I couldn't get out. One of the buildings even looked as if it were a ship from one angle, well thats what our guide had said. I could slightly see it but maybe my eyes didn't quite function right ?

Tower of The Americas is also a well known building in San Antonio. If we had more time in the day, we would have gone a little closer, but we still managed to ave the view from the park.

You know it did hit me, as to why I didn't initially want to visit this place, because it literally is so peaceful, and I bet it would be even better at night time. It not a place that is heavy loaded with activities but if you want somewhere to relax or you've just about finished touring Texas, this place will ascetically close it all for you. Thinking about it now, I want to go back. That or the Canyon... which I have yet to see. 

Do you like your holiday to be filled with  activities or prefer a relaxed holiday ?

My sister

San Antonio ~ Texas

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Have a wonderful blessed day everyone. I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little and seeing San Antonio from my perspective so far. There are more Zimzygirl Diaries Posts and pictures to come during this week so be sure to visit my blog everyday.

Lots of kisses and hugs 

P.S, yes you've guessed it, I'm making a third part to this instead of two. Guess there was so much to write about San Antonio !

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