With the summer hitting us, many opt to visit a tropical, hot or just a different country in general. I for one, love to travel through out the year, but for now, countries with good weather is on my list. England for one can be very unpredictable so hence the escape to Portugal. 

You already know, I'm always last minute so I needed outfits ready and quick but heading to the shops was not my option. I quickly turned to my kaftan I created this time last year. I did like it, especially the colour and the stripped pattern. Although, everyday I learn something new and learn what to do better next time. So, despite it being a must have in my closet, I took it to the machine. A quick snip here and there turned it to a two piece resort piece. 

I prefer something which is comfortable and doesn't require to much fiddling and adjusting. Another reason I turned this not so fitted in the right places kaftan into a two piece. I've began to turn away from the complicated looking outfits. By that I mean, the ones which need your hands every five minutes. Some of these outfits really want to create that slip up I guess.Although these outfits are very common with people my age, for me it's too much hassle and my body shape doesn't agree with them. Simple is best but you can still look amazing especially when the fit is just about right and when you can rock it with other outfits. That's a plus !

The shorts feature a pocket on either side at the front and for easy fitting an elasticated waist band. As for the top, it is made to be a cropped fit but still overpass the shorts at the waist. So, it can easily be tucked in almost into a playsuit. 

Funny enough, I did plan on  actually turning the kaftan to a  playsuit but when it comes to sewing production things can change more often than not.

The hat and round wooven bag added to the resort wear. Both from Forever 21 and the hat was in sale, yes it had a little pom pom missing but you can notice it. Although, a little truth, the zip or more so the metal used on the bag has a strong metal smell. Almost as if the metal has gone off. Nasty. 

 I enjoyed rocking this two piece and as time goes on I shall try out creating more shorts. Ah, and I'm usually not a shorts wearer. However, its amazing being able to design and create a fit which looks classy and  wearable to my shape. I guess it will help me become more comfortable rocking them more. 

Do you love wearing shorts ?

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