Time to get wild in Texas. 

December may have been months ago, but the memories are still here, right now. Despite writing the post in July (wow we here now),  I think it's still alright, besides, better late than never right ?

During the American trip, my uncle took us to the stock yards located in Fort Worth Texas. The main attraction to the place was the longhorns which I believe Texas is well known for as well as the Station which at first glance you would think its just there on stage/a set piece.

The road reminded me so much of those western movies with the cowboys. You know, the scene where both cowboys meet on opposite sides ready for their match.

Okay I won't lie, I was a little scpeticle going on the long horn. No, I'm not scared of them, its just the fact that some people would most likely find it cruel. Never the less I did get on and nothing more came out from it than other than a picture.

You probably wondering now, what else does this place have to offer besides the scenery and the tamed long horn.

Fortunately for us, my uncle organised a photo shoot. Not just any old photo shoot, but a western one.  Yes, we got to dress up in those big umbrella dresses and even be in the entire setting of a western bar. Lets just say we bagged the money shot.

Its funny how the timing went because just as soon as we got out, the road was being prepared for the long horns to walk through. Not just our tamed friend but the big bosses. I may have wanted to be as close as possible to them but not in the middle of the road. Put yourself there, and you'd be a pancake.  I had never seen this before, so for me I found this very intriguing as the cowboys found my jacket. Guess it belongs in Texas.

Further down towards the car park, where the train tracks were, sat a train. Those classic steam trains with a restaurant inside. Had I known, I would have booked this to experience it all, and little did we know, this train was still in full works. All steam ahead !!!

For families that come here, small theatrical shows are put on, and right in front of you. No need to visit a building or book tickets for this. Small donations are accepted but entertainment for all was the main priority. Imagine, feeling like you're in it as well, well I did. The interaction between the audience and the actors was there through and through but I can't imagine myself surviving in the real thing. I'd have rather been a tumble weed instead. 

I guess, having this day out, made it official that no matter what city you're in, theres something to discover. I mean America is big right. So, I wouldn't expect to have found and experienced everything in a day or even a year. Give each place sometime to sink into and feel the reality of it all. 

As for the rest of America, Im yet to discover you. Any suggestions of places or States let me know. I'm all for adventures.

What's your favourite Western movie ?

My sister

Dallas Fort Worth Stock Yards ~ Texas

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Have a wonderful blessed day everyone. I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little and seeing America Texas with me. There are more Zimzygirl Diaries Posts and pictures to come during this week so be sure to visit my blog everyday.

Lots of kisses and hugs 

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