'If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it.'
~Lucy Larcom~

 I know, it's a bit crazy to talk about Snow and the cold weather when we're still in summer according to the calendar. However, recently I've been feeling a little chilly. Almost so, I think a hot water bottle needs to revive itself from my wardrobe. Not too far from reach. Oh yes, I used it here and then.

You see, I wanted to tell you about my visit to Sweden. I'll be truthful and not just paint sweet roses or rays of sunshine all the time. Some days travelling alone you can feel lonely and some days, you feel you can live the stress free life of going where you want to go.

 I learnt something new and also more about how I deal with situations. Nothing exactly bad happened to me. I found an IKEA, found transportation and got onto my plane on time. It was just freezing. 

I thought, I'd packed as much warm things but that didn't stop the cold getting hold of me. You see, Sweden is part of the Scandinavian countries and by that in the North of Europe. We usually associate the North as being the coldest right? Or at least I do.
One thing i'd admit is Sweden deals pretty well with the winter season. By that I mean the snow which made the plane landing smooth as a babies bottom. 

For the first time, I decided to try out a hostel, yes mom, I stayed in one. I mean, it's part of the back packing experience. The vibrant reds, the sleekness and the invitation it had was not what I expected. Located in Stockholm, the capital, the Generator Hostel wasn't so bad to find. It's pretty big, and isn't just catered for youngsters but also those who are on a business trip. So in all honesty, it was pretty fancy. l thought when it came to the room, the bath room more specifically, that was tiny. My bed was comfortable, provided with charges and a draw which could be locked with a pad lock. People came and went, it was so quick, and they had their own plans so I guess, the getting to know people part was harder than I thought. Listen, I was sociable and the one to start the conversation but I guess, people were a bit on the shy side.

Moving swiftly away from the hostel, the sites. At first glance, places seemed further than usual. I remember opting for the train to find the red and yellow building in Gamla Stan. Guess what ? It was only one stop away, so that was money gone down the drain.However come to think of it I was sheltered for a minute or so from the cold. At times I did end up getting a little lost which is still good when you're discovering a city, but probably not when the night time comes quicker than a lightning bolt and you're alone. Despite that, it did grow my independence skills. So certainly if anyone is looking to hire me, this is a scenario and a half I have managed to over come.

Ahaha, funny thing is H&M was one of the stores I kept seeing, almost as if it was in every street. I even happened to find myself inside one of the head quarters. Don't ask me how, but normally you would need a card to get in and all. No, I didn't break in... someone just left the door open behind them and there was me thinking he was going inside the store.

To be most honest with you, I was so unplanned with this trip, and just decided to go wherever I felt my legs could take me. I had a map, yes, and I had recommendations including the hard to miss paintings in the metro stations. Most importantly I had a chance to discover a place that people spoke about or photos on the internet painted of Stockholm and I know some of the paragraphs seem short, some sweet and some like a cliff hanger. But, it is a clear indication of my few days in Stockholm. 

You see, sometimes in your little adventure, things don't always plan out how you'd expect, you end up finding something knew, something more adventures, and something that will make your travels interesting. So travelling alone and making mistakes is not something to worry about.Another thing I found was, understanding that not everyone has the same thoughts as you. Everyone is different, and sees the world differently, so don't be too hasty on the judgement of others or a place good or bad. 

We all have things we love and don't love right ?

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Stockholm - Sweden

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Have a wonderful day and hopefully we meet in a warmer country right?

Lots of kisses and hugs 

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