The days are getting cooler, way cooler actually, but the memories are still there, warm inside my mind.


May 2018

My mom finally took the plunge to visit somewhere in Europe for her birthday. 

Growing up, we were always encouraged to take every opportunity that came our way when it came to travelling with school. I remember in year 7 not being able to go to disney land, and year 8 to France for a day. But I was told to be patient because the time would soon come. Year 9 came along and I took every school trip abroad that was offered. Although that was just with the school. Family holidays abroad were still yet to come. 

I'm happy though, my mom encouraged us to go. I managed to get a head start on discovering what the world is like from different angles, snapping away, learning away and creating memories through school and later my own solo travels. Although, what about my mom herself? The one who pushed us to take those opportunities hadn't done so herself ! 

With me, I'm usually out and about, looking for the next flight I can get, away, but this time round, I thought, hey, why not fill my spontaneous vibe and have my mom and sister come along. After seeing that it was both their birthday in May, it was the perfect opportunity to take a few days as a family away. Careful consideration and hunting away for my bargains, Switzerland was chosen. Initially it was supposed to be somewhere hot, but May is pretty warm around Europe.


A little surprise was that, after booking the hotel, and only realising where it was, I had accepted the fact that, this wasn't just going to be a one hit and go home, we were going to be hitting up two countries at once. Switzerland and France.

Fresh minds at stake, I'm surprised my mom knew quite a bit about what was around Switzerland, however, we all didn't realise we were going to be greeted with white blankets covered mountains and green surroundings during our visit. 

Taking a free bus journey from the airport to the city of Geneva, we popped in to McDonalds (every European country I visit, this seems to be a go to), and then took the taxi to our destination. Costing a little on the pricy part, it was evident that sometimes this happens when you obviously are foreign and just want to get to point B as soon as possible. Saying goodbye to the city/country we arrived at, we arrived at our hotel Premiere Classe Annemasse located in Gaillard. A town on the boarder of France and as tired as we all were,the main thoughts of viewing was the bed.


Once we woke up, mom decided to check the local transport services and found out a local bus could get from this part of town to Geneva. We needed that for the next day.

The views were a breath of fresh air. So different from the buildings that I see in my everyday life. Having a river and hearing the soft rush of water gave a cosy feel to this small but beautiful town. It was blue skies and sunshine which highlighted the sights of the mountain surroundings even more. 

This was a chilled part of France, and for all of us, we were very surprised at how diverse the town was. There wasn't so much a language barrier and having our mom around also allowed us to give us some ideas and advice for our next travels we embark on ourselves. We became almost like the locals and shopped for some groceries that worked for us, since there wasn't a fridge in our hotel room. I would have just popped by to McDonalds again... 

We did pop into the town where shops were around, took a few pictures like tourists and did try out a lunch cafe and most importantly bonded through out.

Where would you take your mom first ?


Gaillard ~ France

Nikon D3200


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