'My main place is in Switzerland, but I live on a plane, really'.

~Christopher Lambert~


No need for the taxi, the transport from the small town was very much efficient and easy to understand. Although, we found the bus to get full so quickly as it did have quite a few stops getting into Geneva. 

You know, it really hits you hard, what sort of vibe you love, or where you want to live, eat and sleep when you visit a number of places. You find the pros the cons and the maybes. For Geneva, it was most certainly the place to be for a number of people. Those wanting to work in the co-operate world, those wanting to just build up some money in a regular job, hoping it would take them on a back packing experience around Europe and beyond and those who just nipped in and out back to the peaceful surrounding areas. 

Geneva is most certainly a less busy  city compared to London but still has that buzz that creeps onto you and tells you you're in  one of the big cities. I kinda liked it. In fact I did love it. 

We of course continued to fit the category of being a 'tourist'. From heading to the United Nations Centre, and quite a number of photos taken there, we found ourselves back onto the tram and into the city centre. 

The main point of interest was the water feature. Despite being a landlocked country, Switzerland has its outstanding water features. Be it Lake Geneva, Oeschinen Lake or River Rhine. 

Okay so this city was of course bigger than expected, with quite a number of sites further afield, but we did take time to explore the water feature, that in fact if you plan to visit carry a rain coat. 

Following through to the park, this is where our minds were fed with our surrounding and not forgetting out stomachs. 
Some people even saw so much that they even took quick little snoozes in the park. 

From our mom's perspective she wanted us to feel part of the city and join in with the entertainment that was happening where people joint in singing songs together and of course showing a little dance or two. 

Doesn't this remind you of South Bank London ?

My sister

Geneva - Switzerland

Nikon 3200

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Have a wonderful day and hopefully we meet in another warm country right?

Lots of kisses and hugs 

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