It was only a few months back when I stepped back on home soil. That sudden urge to feel, hear, take in and walk through familiar grounds. This time round was somewhat different. 

Instead of coming back and be welcomed by happiness, it was a time to mourn. Of course, I hadn't felt it before but this was very much a different experience in terms of something new. 

I won't dwell on this too much, as I've written more about it here. This isn't about sadness because really in truly, my grandpa lived a full life. I was told this should be a time to celebrate a life which completely changed my mindset. That cleared the teary clouds from my eyes and I was able to see. I was able to accept people's responses of me remaining strong, I was able to listen clearly to their singing especially on the 'chicken bus' and able to see there were also there to support the rest of my family.

Of course I got to see new faces especially when food was around. That didn't make me annoyed it just made me smile and sort of giggle. You know the deal here.

But most importantly, I got to be with family I hardly see every day, and of course just be a kid again. So sadness would not reach me.

Zimbabwe, has its own types of freedom, that I was hoping to get. One of it being, able to feel the breeze of the wind brush across my cheeks and actually see things clearly. By this I mean, being able to sit at the back of the truck/car which isn't exactly something I would do here in the UK.

Zimbabwe is also creative in more ways you could imagine. For some, this might not be exactly considered fun, but to me, I believe that children of Zimbabwe are very creative and, even though this has been around for so long, I got to step out from being with my phone everyday, or indoors avoiding the cold.

Playing Maflow, making a home made ball out of plastic bags and even getting to a point of 

Yes it was winter, but the day time was used wisely.
I learnt how to create a handmade ball, and learnt a few games to play outside Maflow, that of course could go on for so long. Being in the open field, running around even to the point of no having no shoes and parents not feeling worried about us, because we were all together. That's something I wish to show and have you experience. Just what it's like to be here.

'That's what I witnessed and participated in'.

I began to also make my own grounds in Zimbabwe, to know that it was also my chance to spread my wings, and start doing things on my own. Im glad I continued having a memory of Zimbabwe and being in touch with friends.  

Oh and those three days of being in the long queues for a Zim ID. I tell you now, that was an experience, and if you're from Zimbabwe, you know exactly what I'm talking about. The last final day of departure was the day, we did it correctly, woke up so early after my night out and stood in a ever growing queue at 5 am. I didn't quite realise the sun was rising as I was almost half asleep, but I remember finally seeing the light of day once that process was over.

 I even took an adventure out of the bloom that, showed I came back to being me again, the spontaneous woman who wants to discover the world. That also helped to think of the small adventure I went with my grandpa, so building on that created a space of happiness.

This trip was more so about spending time with family, being a child again, being able to hop in the car and adventure my self to Botswana and Zambia and revisit old school friends. 

So for next time, I'd love to organise a big Southern African road trip. For my friends and family this side to see what I see. To discover why I'm so spontaneous. Don't worry, I'll take you with me, just keep in touch with all my stories through this blog and of course my YouTube Channel. 

Where is your home ?

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