Not even into my third day of being in Zimbabwe, I decided to fill my back pack with clothes and other essentials to cross the boarder and venture off into a new country.
Completely to my mothers amazement, I was off again, with little to somewhat of a plan of what I'll be doing there and what next.

I didn't mind though, sometimes, being ambitious is a good thing, it adds fun and of course knowledge to ones life. Maybe that's just me that thinks so.

So Thursday we were ready to set off. Car loaded to the brim and driver all in check. From Harare to Botswana, this was a movement ready to showcase what it's all about.
The drive there would mean going through what others would call 'Bulawayo Road' and this would be a good six hours or more followed by the last three hour leg to the boarder.
Not minding at all, it meant, places and towns would be passed by that I hadn't been to since I was small.

I will say to you, travelling out of the city was a bit like travelling out of London. Yes, the traffic is there, like any other major city and even worse when it's rush hour.
But coming out of Harare, and onto the long stretched road made everything click together, it was time to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Load South African Deep House music 

Not long into the drive, we had already passed Lion and Cheetah Park, a memory of my childhood, going straight from church arriving just before the afternoon and spending time with the turtle and cubs or and admiring the big cats from inside the car.

Kwekwe, Gweru, and Kardoma, inching slowly but surely to the half way point. 

There was a pit stop to buy drinks and quick snacks, but what was surely the best stop, the mbambaira (sweet potato). Did we not buy full sacks of it from the side of the road. I felt so sorry for the car itself. But there you go, you can never have too much of food. 

For those wondering about the stop points, yes there were also the cross over to the new city check points. I couldn't remember having much of these in the early 2000's but only to hear that they were springing up in later years.

The good thing was being able to drop off family in-between our journey to the boarder. For the first time, I had actually seen and arrived in Mbembesi. 
It was exciting because from previous research I had learnt about the area yet not been. A village just before Bulawayo where some Xhosa members settled.

 Usually the village or areas like these are homes but also where city expats would come back to during holidays or weekends to catch up with family.

Somewhere close to midnight 

Crossing the boarder, thank goodness we made it just before it was going to close (vehicle section). I guess my last minuteness runs in the family.

After crossing no mans land and now to the Botswana gate one thing I had to do, is make sure I had clean soles on my shoes. At the cross over, they provide you with a sponge like tub and you place your shoes on to give them a 'clean'. It's just a control measure for foot and mouth disease.

We made it into Botswana

Once across the boarder we made out rest break. But trust me, I was the only one who didn't sleep. Scary session, yes. Just being parked on the side of the readjust after the boarder gate. It felt like the middle of no where and close to pitch black. Only when the car began to move, I finally let me eyes close.

Honestly speaking, if you have a chance to take a drive on any African road, do it ! 

Whats the longest journey you've had ?


Zimbabwe to Botswana

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Have a wonderful day !

Lots of kisses and hugs 

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