So today is Zimbabwe's 40th Independence Day. 
To celebrate I'm bringing out this vibrant fabric that remind me a lot about the flag. The colours, the bird and just who wears the flag.

I like the name 'All 4 One' for this outfit. Literally there is a reason for it. 
Honestly, I prefer outfits that can be worn more than one way. Let me tell you, if you love Instagram or love travelling it's quite an amazing idea and saves you carrying to much in your suitcase. Unless you can afford to pay for extra luggage or storage space in your house.

Where's the fabric from ?

I can't specifically remember the year of getting the material but I know I had to do something with it. No way was it going to sit and gather dust like the rest of my fabric starring at me.
More so, this fabric was purchased in Zimbabwe.

How did you design it?

The top was an idea I had when I saw how the plain black fabric would make the fabric print stand out. It's reversible so allows you to pick which side to wear it. The long ties, gives you an option too. 

The trousers, I remember ruffle trousers being a big trend. I was so tempted to just purchase myself some especially the black ones from online stores like and PrettyLittleThing. Although after scrolling on Youtube for tutorials I stumbled across Kim Dave's videos. There she created a tutorial on these trousers/pants from scratch ! So yes, that means designing my own pattern and down to the exciting part that (usually) ends at cutting the fabric.

 This time round I went past that and got it to a wearable stage. I still need to work on getting outfits to a complete version though.

How do you wear it ?

Anyways, let us talk about the different ways you can wear the top !
Inside, outside, back and front. That's 4 the top. Similar to the different ways you can style a shirt except this one hasn't got buttons. Less hassle and of course does not require a need for sewing. Those ones where you just tend to rip the shirt button off (by accident or maybe not).


I'd say the ties in the front compare it to a wrap top. This is a look I suggest, would  suit those who love outfits to be full of print from the front. But oop the back there's a break. The black plain fabric shows which again allows the fabric with the guinea fawls to stand out especially the red.


Look at exactly what I mean. The black really does compliment this print. Besides black makes a lot of stuff look smaller. So of course this is one way I'll be rocking this outfit a lot with a deep V cut in the front. This is a look for those who dare to wear.


Again we have the black in the front and the patterns at the back. The way the top was created was from a normal bodice design but with three darts that does complement the shape of the upper body well whether you wear the top back to front and front to back. So that's the difference between a shirt and this top giving it a more tailored look.


Sometimes wearing things back to from can show how much of a daring person you are. I mean they won't notice until you turn around for them or they see it for them selves. 
The bow can be put forward or just left at the back. Your choice.I'd say this outfit would suit a concert. I mean, you'll be the star of the show especially if you wear it with the colour out.


Top & Trousers ~ Zimzygirl Designs
Heels ~ Primark
Black boots ~ Tkmax
Headgear ~ South Africa
Earrings ~ Zimbabwe


iPhone X

P.S If you want to find out about one being made for you, contact me via email me
Fabric may vary.

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